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At The First Sight of You Chapter 1, a victorious fanfic . FanFiction

Beck and Tori texting Pt 1

After Victoria, or Tori as everyone calls her, had sung at her sister's showcase, she got accepted into Hollywood Arts. Today was her first day and she was as nervous as ever thinking she wasn't good enough. As she walked into her improve class, she accidently bumped into Beckett, or Beck, as everyone calls him, the hottest guy in school and spilled his coffee all over his shirt. I'm so sorry. Let me help you get that off," she exclaimed frantically as she rubbed her arm against his shirt trying to get out the coffee stain,". She slowly came to a stop, and as she looked up at him, their eyes met and they just gazed at each other. Then, Jade, Beck's girlfriend of one year and eleven months walked in and loudly exclaimed, "Why are you rubbing my boyfriend's shirt!

Inspiration, there you are! Definitely not a date," the random elderly lady clutching her brown leather purse to her lap sarcastically commented, to which murmurs of agreement from other total strangers immediately followed.

Beck and Tori are forced to seek out eachother for company when their friends Tori and Beck pretends to be dating so Beck can get back together with Jade.

Tori looked around at all of these strangers nodding their heads, as if they had everything about her and Beck all figured out.

Seriously, who were they to do that? They didn't even know them!

Beck and Tori texting Pt 1

Do you two have feelings for each other? Tori's heart stopped, and in just the split-second that followed that question, her blood rushed to her head and spilled into her cheeks.

She could feel all eyes on her, everyone silent, yet smiling, and teasing, and judging her, as if they all already knew the answer better than she did. And in just that split-second, it was as if she could read all of their thoughts:. Well, duh! Just look at them! Two good-looking kids like that! Of course they secretly like each other! Why else would they be trying so hard to convince everyone, including themselves, that they aren'tfor the millionth time, out o n a date!

And as these thoughts flooded into Tori's mind against her will, she swallowed hard and, finally, glanced helplessly over at Beck. He looked pale, surprisingly pale, and his eyes were wide as saucers. In an attempt to comfort him, Tori reached out and touched Beck's shoulder, but when she did he immediately flinched and jerked his arm away, as if her hand were a bug that had just landed on his shoulder. Tori felt her face fall as Beck finally looked at her. He blinked once, twice, and just stared out at her, not really looking at her, and she only frowned harder.

She didn't know why, but suddenly, she wished she hadn't agreed to this whole 'opposite date' nonsense. She wished she'd just told Beck flat-out from the beginning that, no, an 'opposite date' was a terrible idea, because no matter how hard they'd try, eventually one of them would realize that the plan was failing miserably. Then, before they knew it, they'd be accidentally brushing hands, and they'd both stop, and they'd look at one another, and something would just spark between them.

Tori would smile softly, and Beck would look down and sheepishly run a hand through his hair.

After Beck and Jade broke up, Beck decides to date someone else. Tori I always thought that Tori and Beck would make a perfect couple. JADE AND BECK NEVER DATED. TORI AND BECK HAVE BEEN TOGEATHER FOR 5 YEARS. Tori awoke sweating, she let out a small. After Tori comes to Hollywood Arts and shared a kiss with Beck, he realized she's the one for him and breaks up with Jade who was his.

And then, they'd be linking hands, fingers intertwining, but even as they'd do it, they'd still be telling each other that this still totally wasn't a date, that friends held hands all the time and that it was no big deal. Then there would be a pause. A very long, very awkward pause. They'd be out on the street, in their gross sweats, both smelling kind of musty, Tori claiming that she hadn't showered when really, she did, and she had been very careful when applying her makeup, too, just a little mascara, a stroke of blush for each cheek and a touch of ruby lipstickand out of nowhere, Beck would tell her that she looked beautiful.

She would smile wider, and as her heart would flutter in her chest, she'd quickly remind herself that this was not a date, and her smile would falter, and so would Beck's once he realized just what he'd said, how he shouldn't have said that, how friends didn't say stuff like that in such an intimate way. But then, without realizing it, their hormones and impulses would take over, and one of them would lean in first Beck, probably, because technically the guys were always supposed to make the first moveand Tori would lean in slightly more eagerly, and their lips would just crash together like a burst of fireworks.

They'd let go of each other's hands and slip them into each other's hair, and they'd be full on making out in the middle of the street, and they wouldn't stop kissing until their lungs started to hurt from lack of air. And when they'd pull apart, they'd stare at one another, unmoving, hearts pounding, as they regained their breaths. Tori would notice how Beck's hands had managed to slip around her back, clutching her close, and a smile would involuntarily break over her lips, and he would smile, too, and a chuckle would escape from her throat.

They'd close their eyes and let their hearts do what they'd been wanting to do for a long time, and they'd kiss again, with no regrets, no fear, and they'd take it from there and see where the journey led them. Now, sitting in the animal hospital waiting room, Tori abruptly turned her head away from Beck, realizing that her slightly warm cheeks were now completely burning up with scorching heat. She reached up and clasped a hand against her pink shirt, resting it over her pounding heart.

She briefly closed her eyes, trying to calm down her emotions. It was the first time in a long time that she felt like she wanted to die of embarrassment.

That means they do have feelings for each oth—".

Beck and tori dating fanfiction

Everyone in the waiting room fell silent, even that nosy elderly woman. They were all just staring at Beck, Tori included, all wide-eyed and sitting at the edges of the seats in anticipation for what he was going to say next.

Our personal lives are none of your business, you understand me? Then, abruptly, he stood up, tugging on the dog leash, and he looked down at Tori, his eyes now serious, maybe a little apologetic, too.

Tori stared up at him, her mouth hanging open, and then, she felt her heart jump as Beck reached down, grabbed her hand, and quickly tugged her to her feet. He promptly let go, only to wrap his arm around Tori's shoulders, pulling her close.

She didn't resist any of it and just let herself fall flat against his body, where she could feel his heart banging in his chest. She blinked wildly and looked down to see his aunt's sickly brown dog rise to its feet and start wagging its fluffy tail.

He squeezed Tori's shoulder in what felt like his own an act of comfort, and with that, he led them out the door. He walked quickly, holding his head up high, looking straight out in front of him, the dog trailing behind, trying to keep up with his firm, brisk steps.

She flickered her eyes up to look at him as they kept walking towards his car. At that, Beck stopped walking, and the dog stopped as well, plopping right down on the ground. His hand slipped from Tori's shoulder as the two of them just stood there now, their faces silhouetted by the streetlight hanging above them.

Tori stared at him carefully, watching as he reached up and dragged a hand down his face, stopping at his mouth. He removed it and pressed it against the side of his head. I mean, sometimes, I think that maybe there's a possibility that I might have some romantic feelings for you—".

Tori felt her heart ache in guilt. Yes, that was true. That was why she stopped Beck when he'd tried to kiss her months ago, around the time of the Platinum Music Awards. She was thinking about Jade, how she couldn't do that to her. She just couldn't. No offense, Buster. Tori took a quick glance at the dog, who was now lying down on the concrete, closing his eyes for a nap. She's a great person, but she's just…she's not the person I want to be with, and I think she's starting to realize just as much as me that our relationship was just toxic and that we weren't right for each other, and that I should be with someone else, someone more…more like—".

He dropped the hand he'd been flailing around as he vehemently poured out his thoughts to her, and he was just staring now, staring directly into her eyes, his mouth shut. The sight was, in spite of it all, undeniably cute, and Tori couldn't help but grin then.

She brought a hand to the back of her head, running it down her scalp.

She released her hand from her head and slapped it against her thigh. My afternoon classes went by pretty fast and before I knew it I was on my way to Beck's. When I got into the car one of my favorite Carrie Underwood's song came on.

So of course I had to sing along. By the end of the song I was pulling into Beck's driveway. I first went to Beck's RV door but he wasn't in there. I walked over to his front door.

I knocked and waited a few seconds till Beck opened the door. We both sat down on the couch and I put my head on his shoulder. I looked up at him a few minutes after we sat down and he was already asleep. He was so cute sleeping. After about another five minutes I feel asleep. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the clock, it was I had been asleep for about an hour. I looked up at Beck and he was still asleep. I sat there for a few minutes until I felt someone kiss the top of my head.

I looked up and smiled. Than Beck put his lips on my lips, the kiss is way better than the one we had during my first week at Hollywood Arts.

So what do you think? I know this chapter only said like two sentence about Alice in Wonderland but I needed to get Tori and Beck dating first and I didn't want to have a paragraph about how they started dating I wanted a chapter because they are so cute together. Next chapter will be the auditions.

Please review. Story Story Writer Forum Community. TV Shows Victorious.

Tori figured that if Beck wasn't going to face his feelings, she might as well face her own. Oneshot. Alternate ending to Opposite Date. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Tori V., Beck O. "kiss beck or date him I don't care just I don't want to be the reason you guys. Beck: Tori and I are dating! (Kisses Tori). Jade: Aww you guys do make a great couple I must say! Cat: Yaaaaay! Ahhhh! Robbie: Congrats!.

It's been a week since the platinum music awards and things are awkward between Beck and Tori because they have feelings for each other but the don't want to hurt Jade but what if she gave them her permission.

Also Hollywood Arts is doing Alice in Wonderland for their school play and there has to be drama there.

PLease review. I sadly do not own Victorious just the plot. I turn to Cat, who is in all of Beck's classes, and ask "is Beck here today?

Beck and Jade are dating, but he has liked Tori ever since he met her. Tori has a crush on Beck, but has to hide it so none of her friends find out. Beck & Tori's Love Story. Chapter 3: Dating. Tori's POV. "Tori, Trina it's time to get up." Mrs. Vega shouts up the stairs. (Tori goes down stairs). The Victorious episode, Wifi in the Sky, but with Beck and Tori as a couple. . Even though she and Beck had been dating for a few weeks now.

To: Beck From: Tori Hey where are you? I wait a few minutes than finally get a reply. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3.

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