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To Accept and to Forgive Chapter 1, a gakuen alice fanfic . FanFiction

Gakuen Alice: Natsume and Mikan!!!

Author's Notes: I wrote this to celebrate the first anniversary and th review of Natsume Nullified. It wasn't that hard to begin with. You could've justó". Resigned, Ruka turned back to the blackboard. Mochu was nearly finished reading his essay. He looked smugly at the class while he went on to describe his future career as an aviator-turned-astronaut with the remarkable talent of piloting aircrafts to record heights. Unfortunately, his rather long paper also described how he was going convert to Buddhism at forty and thereafter attain diplomatic peace with alien life forms.

Natsume Hyuuga the biggest playboy, popular, and rich son of bitch of Alice Academy. I wrinkled my nose in disdain as he grew closer until he towered over me glancing at me with his Devil's eyes. I honestly don't understand how these girl in this academy thinks his eyes, that are like pools of blood and death, so gorgeous.

Honestly sometimes these girls makes me want to just- Agh! Whatever, this isn't important enough to waste my breath on. I rolled my eyes and went back to reading my book, pretending I didn't know he was towering over me, I started to get irritated so I snapped my book close and looked up at him. Oh, I feel so flattered to finally get the attention of one of the most jerkiest and douches guy of all. Why don't you wrap me in a red cape and put a golden crown on my head and start to treat me like a royalty!

The answer is no, Hyuuga. Now leave me alone. He grabbed my wrist, I look back at him and started to try to get my wrist out of his grasp, but no avail. What in the world did you get Polka Do-" Realization dawned me. I huffed angrily pretending not to see his smug ass smirk on his face, "Like I said Hyuuga, no, so stop talking to me and fuck off asshole!

I was walking trying to keep my balance in the empty hallways carrying a lot of heavy books that it blocked my view so I couldn't see where I was going, but the heavy weight suddenly disappeared, curious, I looked up to see crimson eyes looking at me, I groaned in frustration. He has been constantly asking me out throughout the day and my patience was thinning, just a bit more push and that thin line of patience will snap, Hyuuga.

I'll go out with you. When we were done putting the heavy books back in my teacher's shelves, we walked out and started walking down the hallways when suddenly he took my hand and entwine it with his, a small blush bloomed over my cheeks but soon disappeared. There was no shot of electricity that ran through our hands.

Nothing at all.

Is it illegal for holding my girlfriend's hand and please stop calling me Hyuuga and just Natsume. It feels so weird saying his first name, hmm But then I remembered who was with me, by my side.

Natsume Hyuuga, the playboy of Alice Academy. That small smile disappeared instantly, just because he's acting nice now doesn't mean his personality has changed. He was still Natsume Hyuuga, the playboy, the asshole, and the rich bitch of Alice Academy, the person I hate with a passion. I narrowed my eyes at him trying to look for anything on his face when I saw the corner of his lips twitch up into a small little smirk and smugness radiating off of his eyes.

Soon every day I always find new red roses and chocolates or really corny letters from Natsume in my locker, for once I like him, very much, but the red flag was still there. I was still being completely cautious of Natsume trying to read him, trying to find out what's he is planning. The suspicion was still there, it was obvious he was planning on something but my theory was slowly being torn a part as day goes by and he still shows me sweetness and kindness.

It follows Mikan and Natsume on one of their dates. Cute and First Gakuen Alice fan-fic! I do not own the characters in Gakuen Alice. They all. This is a one-shot about how Natsume gets the courage to ask Mikan on a date to Central Town. This is my first story, by the way. In which. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Ne Natsume, who's fault is it that your brunette's got a lot of admirers? [under renovation] r&r "Ohayou Ruka" Mikan said as she bowed down in front of him, (poor Tsubasa, he has no idea that that boy's alice is trouble he'll know sooner or later).

Slowly by slowly I started to change thinking Natsume was a really nice and suddenly really appealing to me, I must say I never been this happy before in my entire life ever since I moved from America to my hometown Kyoto, Japan. It was my decision to move here, I do miss all of my girlfriends, my parents, and my three brothers Rei Sakura Yukihara, Tsubasa Sakura Yukihara, and my cute little brother Yoichi Sakura Yukihara who was 5 and yes, you heard me I said Yukihara my full name was Mikan Sakura Yukihara the heiress of the Yukihara Industries and is the top model of Star Alice that was co-founded by the Shouda's Fashion Line, I just love trying the Shouda's Fashion Line clothings and modeling for them.

It's fun. But I was in a disguise, dressed like a nerd, I didn't want to draw attention to me so I picked a low profile, and I was happy just the way I am, liking no attention at all I can finally have peace and quiet for once and not getting trampled or run over because of being famous.

I was humming happily skipping outside not giving a shit if people saw me, I was really happy to have such a nice and caring boyfriend, that feel of cautious ahd around Hyuu- I mean Natsume had completely disappeared.

He's one of the most sweetest thing I have ever had. I could tell my life has sparked brighter then before ever since I started dating Natsume, and honestly. I am grateful that I said yes, no one, no guy, has ever made me this happy and had brought a pure happiness in my life. I sighed dreamily, I could put up with the girls glaring evil daggers and spitting untrue things to me just to stay with Natsume.

I turned around the corner to see that Natsume and Luna were in a passionate lip-lock, when they stopped kissing to get fresh air. Natsume complied by smacking his lips onto hers! I backed away slowly with hot fat tears rolling down my cheeks, I turned around running away as far as I could from that scene that played over and over in my head.

I cried out in frustration not caring if anyone sees me crying. I should've listened to my intuition!

Might change it into a series of dates between Mikan & Natsume if you review enough! . A/N: I don't own the characters, just the plot.

I knew Natsume didn't like me at all! I knew he would have not liked me, I am so stupid for thinking that it could happen. That this relationship would go on steadily, I'm so so stupid!

I let out a choked sob as I turned another corner running into someone.

I looked up through my blurred eyes, I see a person with golden hair and sky blue eyes filled with concern. I heard a soft familiar voice.

¶mikan and natsume(MMV) what if ...

What's wrong? I shuttered out a breath before telling him what's wrong. It only took saying that bastard's name to make him comprehend what I was trying to say. I saw a flash of anger swirling in his sky blue eyes making them turn a darker blue. This was the first time I have ever seen Ruka this angry, and honestly. They just used them as an excuse to tick off each other's patience. But much to his dismay, there were some debates that she would win, especially about that men should value a woman's dignity and why men could never put a zipper on their pants.

Gakuen alice fanfiction mikan and natsume dating

It him bull's eye. Heck, that woman is completely logical. That's why it added his loathing on her. But there were time that they've gotten along. But maybe it was just during the time when the both of them was being sadistic, or maybe the times when they both have the same thought. And they felt like bullying the poor blonde. He remembered Koko saying before that the two of them might be related but never knew which resulted with him hitting his head and Imai hitting him with something that was called a Baka Gun.

mikan's first date with natsume. what is the pervert planning? It was a normal day at alice academy, the birds were chirping, narumi was. Mikan Sakura is the nerd of Alice Academy, but she is dating the most popular guy in school, Natsume Hyuuga. After accidentally crossing. Gakuen Alice - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: But when they had a date, Why did Mikan rejected Natsume when he asked to.

He sighed, sipping his Martini once again as his eyes fixed on the scenery behind his glass wall. Tokyo was indeed marvelous during night time, with the Broadway lights illuminating the whole place.

He tore his gaze away from the scenery, and then roamed it around his condo. It looked really big, too big for a single person, but since he badly need a place for his own, he bought it. He was already 27, he can't stay in his parent's house for that long, and it's completely embarrassing to stay there in that age. Gee, he really is starting to get old.

It was starting to get lonely, damned lonely.

Natsume was happy that he was Mikan's first boyfriend and her first kiss. Their date had just ended about eight in the evening and as they. In the guise of homework, Natsume and Mikan spend the night talking respects the genius of Tachibana Higuchi, creator of Gakuen Alice. All Natsume Hyuuga intended to do when he saw Mikan Sakura was just A hot, steamy sex and him ditching his date and never call them or.

Almost all of his friends are married. Ruka has finally settled with Imai, Andou too, with Harada, even that stupid Koko was engaged with his ex, Shouda, that bland, Mucho also settled with Shouda's sister, Wakako, who also used to be one of his exs. He just can't help but be damned jealous with his pals, they were finally settled. But the stupid thing was, he wanted someone special on his life.

Like what those people called "family", even if not a family he wanted to feel the same way Ruka and the others felt, being loved. He let out a scoff. Yeah, right. Like that would happen, women are just after his looks, sex, and money.

As if they would want to marry, to settle down, to make a family with him. He pondered off, twirling his glass of Martini as he watched as the contents followed each move. When was the last time he'd been in a serious relationship with a woman? That woman with a soft, silky, waist-length, caramel colored hair and a beautiful face.

How come he forgotten about her?

She was the woman who was with him for a long time. It was a year, perhaps. The longest record, he presumed. She was everything a man could ever as for, sexy, beautiful, intelligent and kind. He could still vividly remember the time they shared together, especially them making love. He felt weird whenever they're together. Not weird in a bad way, but in unbelievably good way. She was the only woman that could make him feel loved. The only woman that could make him tug his lips upward to smile.

The only woman that could make him feel so special. They met up for seemed to be 5 or 6 years before, she was a waitress in his favorite restaurant, since he was always busy to cook his own meal that's why he always takes his meal in a restaurant, which happens to be next to his company.

She was just like any of those typical women, but there was something in her that makes him think that she was different. She was undeniably cheerful, and her smile, God, her smile, her smile was something that could put the radiant sunshine to shame. He couldn't help but think that the reason why the restaurant was damn popular is because of this woman. She was always the one who was oblige in the restaurant to greet him every time he enters the restaurant, the one to take his orders, the one to entertain him until he finish his meal and leave.

What happens when someone actually decides to talk to him? She can't be real--can she? Trouble with Glasses by Nemesis of Truth reviews Natsume has to wear glasses. What happens? Hell breaks loose. How Far Can Idiocy Go? She somewhat happened to read an article about making love.

Mikan, being painfully dense, practically asked Hotaru but her best friend told her to ask Natsume instead. What now?

Mikan is hiding something from everyone and her friends are the only ones who knows about it? Slightly OC. Mikan Sakura is the almost perfect epitome of a prominent, yet ruthless student.

But her almost perfect life comes crashing down when she agrees to date Natsume Hyuuga, her long time suitor. The thing is, what happens next? Fake Romance by money reviews Natsume, fearing his grandmother, starts a fake relationship between himself and the two faced Mikan.

Now, they live with each other, get to know each other and try not to kill each other. Finally complete!

Stayed tuned for the sequel! He paints everyday of his life. One day, he decided to paint the woman of his choice.

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