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'My skin flaps are battle scars': man shares brave weight loss pictures - Telegraph

Former Overweight People Share Weight Loss Tips (r/AskReddit Top Posts - Reddit Stories)

By Telegraph Men. When you tip the scales at over lbs, it makes sense that losing some weight comes with many health benefits. However, as one brave man has demonstrated online, it also comes with a possibly unforeseen consequence. In , John Burton had what he describes as a "moment of clarity". Having reached a peak body mass of 30 stone, he decided it was time he lost some weight. Over the following three years, with the help of medical professionals and the support of his family, Burton shed over half his body weight, dropping to just over 11 stone lbs.

By the time I'd reached that date, I began enjoying the change, and I wanted to see how far I could go. It took about 16 more weeks to get to a six pack, and it's been 8 months since I started as of the time of writing this.

There were five big changes to be made:. Looking at the mirror every day trying to spot a visible change is not a very scientific way to go about measuring change. I realized a few weeks in that I needed to approach this problem more methodically. One of my Computer Science professors in college once said something that really stuck with me.

JohnStoneFitnessone of the people I'd started following online for fitness advice and motivation, preaches data-driven training. He had religiously tracked his food intake, calories, macronutrient breakdown, weight, body fat, and front and side profiles for almost 6 years in his food logs.

Say I go up to a girl and everything goes well and somehow (I am not entirely sure how this part works) I get a date, how do I bring up my loose skin as I want to . I have fairly inelastic skin so I have stretch marks everywhere and that's a good I can't tell you how many amazing dates I've been on with complete fades after. Now that I've been divorced for a few years & lost all that weight, I want to start dating again. I actually have a sex drive again! But now, with my loose skin, I'm.

Every few weeks, he'd take body measurements too. While his methods may have been extreme, I found tracking your progress broadly beyond just weight and often to be extremely helpful, if not necessary, in gauging your progress and estimating how long it'll take you to achieve your goal. Seeing the scale tick down even 0. Here's my transformation by the numbers:. Tracking metrics daily, besides being motivating, can help you very accurately predict how long you have left until you reach your weight loss goals.

Almost universally, the normal rate of weight loss is 0. Any quicker than this is considered unhealthy weight loss unless you're morbidly obese.

Anything lower than 1lb should be a cause for concern, and lead you to tweak your plan. The important caveats are:. A misconception I'd held is that it involved a lot of cardiovascular activity, like running. This isn't true. Twenty minutes, almost 5kms of running, burns about calories, which is about as much as a Subway cookie. All that effort and sweat from running a 5k is equivalent to a mere cookie.

That's why nutrition is critical to fat loss. I had an Indian upbringing, and relationship between an Indian and their food is divine. Growing up, I was a fat kid. In Bengali culture, the opposite of thin is "healthy".

Food is a central part of celebration, and being fat is regarded as the norm. Sweets make up a critical part of the Bengali diet. I was rarely ever denied food growing up. I had about 3 main meals and 3 snack meals every day. The philosophy with food has always been. When I started looking for a better way to eat, I realized most of my preconceptions of what healthy food was were wrong. The food pyramid we'd learnt growing up was obsolete and replaced by a very different distribution of nutrients, according to this Harvard Health study.

According to this theory, everyone has a Total Daily Energy Expenditure TDEEwhich depends on your gender, age, height, weight, muscle mass and physical activity. There are plenty of calculators online to help you calculate what your TDEE is.

Will I get loose skin? I really like him and I know that my loose skin could be a deal Update: I'm back from my date and it went AMAZING!. Since you should i have sagging skin as time reddit face_raised_brow. If you're straight obviously how can pick up to cook. I ended up to lose weight that my. Okay, so for a long, long time now, I've been longing to find a girl I can have a relationship with. In fact, I've never even gotten close.

The theory postulates that if you consume more calories than your TDEE, you gain weight, and if you consume less, you lose weight. One pound of weight is calories, so if you incur a calorie deficit on your daily TDEE, you'll lose a consistent pound a week. Of course, this has its critiques and may be an oversimplification, but seems to work in practice. Another popular theory is that of the Ketogenic diet.

What this diet states, contrary to CICO, is that all calories aren't made equal, and some are better for you than others. When I lose weight, I can't stand how my face looks.

But I'm old.

I feel bad about you because you're young. But it's not the end of the world.

My Transformation: How I lost 66 pounds and gained a 6 pack in 8 months.

I would try to build muscle to pull out part of that skin and also probably try using some skin products and then I'd be working two jobs to get money and tuck some of it with a plastic surgeon. Moreover, I've done a couple of toning exercises and some muscle building in in the past, but that was years ago; however, I do currently run around Then again, ever since I started running, my legs have gotten pretty tone in comparison to how they looked before, so you never know!

I'm not sure muscle building is going to help the chest area, but I do think it will help tone the rest and isn't that noticeable.

I think you ought to go see a plastic surgeon and find out how much to just reduce the breasts. You might find someone who could do it a lot cheaper if you really look around and ask.

Privacy and cookiesJobsDatingOffersShopPuzzlesInvestor SubscribeRegister Log in 'My skin flaps are battle scars': man shares brave weight loss pictures Manchester wrote on a Reddit post that has gone viral over the past 12 hours. Comment from discussion The issue of loose skin - 4 years later. Hello lovely xxketo women (and men).. I'm 49 and have lost close to lbs. After decades of obesity, I have (not surprisingly) loose skin. It's not exactly something you talk about on a date. My boyfriend has loose skin from losing a bunch of weight, and the first time we hooked up and I took his.

But you'd have to work and pay it off, but yes they sometimes will finance that stuff. They routinely completely move the shape of the breast around for women and there are even muscles above they can shorten to pull them up and they can easily move the nipple once loose skin is removed and put it in the right spot. I'm not sure what your qualities are but why not. I think getting some pecs will help full it out?

Worth a try before going for the surgical option.

Loose skin and dating reddit

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INTIMACY AFTER WEIGHT LOSS (loose skin, confidence, and more!!)

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I was really fat so I have a lot of loose skin. You can't tell when i'm clothed I look pretty fit because i'm 6'4 with broad shoulders and nice. I'm not thrilled at the thought of a bunch of loose skin, but I feel . have the loose skin, and B) worrying about loose skin affecting my dating life. I have fairly inelastic skin so I have stretch marks everywhere and that's a good I can't tell you how many amazing dates I've been on with complete fades after.

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