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(PDF) College students' perspectives on dating a person who stutters

#StutterBae: Dating With A Stutter

Dating is a nerve wracking process at the best of times and especially the initial process of meeting people, chatting to them, getting to know them and then letting them know how you feel. However this is all much more scary for someone who has to deal with a stutter or a stammer which means that even when everything is going well and you do connect, you might still struggle to get the words out. This makes it very difficult to look confident and at ease, and creates a barrier between you and the person you are trying to get to know. Depending on how the other party reacts this can be quite an awkward occasion and unfortunately that very fact, along with the relatively high steaks, mean that if you do stutter you are very likely to at this point. This means that the first date can be even more terrifying if you have a stutter, but the problem also goes deeper than that.

The only "successes" was two girls with obesity problems not just fat but the relationships ended because of my initiative.

I just realized that I cannot tolerate obesity. The more frustrating were the univesity years I studied civil engineering witnessing other students freely getting in and out of relations easily and constantly. My first sex experiences was with prostitutes.

Hopefully some of them were good professionals. Finally I tried internet dating. I had a subscription to three internet dating sites.

After maybe 20 failures no second date I met F. She was reasonably good. I was in a exceptionally good day regarding speech when in our first date. It followed a second one and finally, in my 32 years, I got a real kiss.


We got married and now we have a lovely baby. Dating for a stutterer IS a "frustration game": YES, you will be rejected over and over and over again and the reason will be your "weird" speech and we all know how much women dislike weird things and guys.

Dating With a Stutter

But if you try hard enough the improbable will be an almost certain possibility but don't wait for Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie relationships. Try to be good at other parts of you, physique, dressing, manners, education etc.

Regards and good luck P. Hey there, How is your marriage going? You feel like all the passion, the love, and romance have completely faded. You CAN save your marriage even if your wife says she wants to get a divorce.

You CAN rebuild that passion you felt for one another when you first kissed. Most couples will never learn how to fix these three simple mistakes. All the best, -[[Ana]]- PS.

Dating is a nerve wracking process at the best of times and especially Online dating is the perfect solution for anyone with a stutter, first and. I would like to ask the Male and Females out there what there opinion is on dating a person who stutters, weither it be slightly or pretty regular. When you've suffered from a stutter for as long as you can remember, it can Online dating has exploded in popularity during the last decade.

Just take 3 mins to watch the video. Post a Comment. Tuesday, December 1, How do you feel about stuttering and dating?

I have since then been on a couple more online dates and I don't even mentioned my stutter anymore. Because guess what? My experience is. Needless to say, you can't hide behind a computer your whole life, but I can admit that the online world of dating can help "level the playing. By definition, first dates are awkward. Both parties are filled with nerves over impressing the other and hoping the individual they've gotten to.

Good evening everyone, I wanted to use this edition of the blog to discuss an interesting experience I recently had online in a chat room. I am going to be turning 32 next year, and like many of my peers, would like to get into the dating game.

Some take the road less traveled, with many bumps along the way, like I have done. I've always been attracted to the Internet when it comes to meeting new people. It's really an oxymoron, but I do much better on the Internet than in real life, one-to-one conversations.

Online dating and stuttering

Needless to say, you can't hide behind a computer your whole life, but I can admit that the online world of dating can help "level the playing field" when it comes to being a teammate who stutters. Thankfully, the NSA Nation has been a godsend in helping me grow not just socially, but professionally as well. Recently I was in a "thirties love" chat room on AOL, and chatting with a young woman from the Chicago suburbs.

We were discussing the usual things: where we live, what we like to do, and I of course mentioned my incredible love of my life and the greatest passion I have, which is working for the National Stuttering Association. Things were going pretty well and then I heard the dreaded "goodbye" from AOL.

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It's all right, I told myself, she'll be back in a few minutes. She never did. I recently signed up for Match. I mentioned prominently in my profile that the National Stuttering Association is a major driving force in my life.

Now of course, I knew the risks I was taking, but I also knew that I had to do the right thing and be honest.

Which brings me to this question: Is honesty the best policy? You have heard me talk about the journey of self-acceptance every teammate who stutters must take within themselves. We all need to accept that we stutter-for some of us, it is a realization that occurs much sooner rather than later. It took me until my late twenties to realize that I stutter, and the choice is mine as to what I can make of it-after all, I can either make it work for me, or against me at the same time. But before I took that journey of self-acceptance, I would accept that I would be single for the rest of my life, and feel it's a death sentence.

This world we live in isn't getting any better-the insults are becoming more caustic, the confrontations more violent, but I have seen hope, in the form of my NSA teammates in high school who are becoming more confident socially and growing into leaders in their own right. Over dinner at the diner last week, I discussed this with a peer of mine, and she gave a very challenging response, which ate at me for a while: "I think what you're doing is courageous, but don't you think you're also throwing yourself on the mercy of the court without being tried?

Smoking can be one. Doing drugs?

I am a 23 year old guy with a severe stuttering issue. I was in . I didn't have any luck finding someone through online dating. I think online. they would date a person who stutters, and factors that would in uence .. studies the variables that attracts PWDs to view certain online profiles and not others. SURE there is a dating website for people who stutter. here that have actually married someone who they met through an online dating site?.

My biggest one though, is a lack of acceptance of the NSA Nation. I could never date, or want to date, someone like that.

The greatest appeal of the NSA conferences is that teammates who do not stutter get just as much out of these seminars. I know I am very comfortable as a teammate who stutters, and that needs to come through loud and clear.

There may be those who just don't care about stuttering, or don't want to know about it. That's fine if they feel that way. All you've done is given me another reason not to want to get to know you. I know that stuttering and dating can present a very big challenge.

Stuttering affects men more than it does women, but we often wonder who has the greater challenges in the dating game. I have challenges too, of dealing with potential dates who may not understand the impact of a comment they make. She: Yea. I know. By not stating that I stutter.

But I guess I could do a test and not put it on my profile but tell them once we exchange phone numbers or something. If you feel comfortable, do it as you exchange numbers. She: I just feel like stuttering is a big part of me. They will notice it and they can stay or walk away. He: Who knows which one is right. Each could lead different roads, better or for worse, if you mention stuttering or not.

It worked for me. She: Did you guys talk on the phone before meeting? Did she have any idea that you stutter before you met? He: She did as I called her to set up a date. My stutter is moderate. She asked and I told her, we moved on. Published in Featured stuttering.

Your email address will not be published. Stuttering in online dating profiles Published 27 January, by Danny. Published in Featured stuttering Tagged in dating love online romance stammering stuttering.

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