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Pro’s and Con’s of Being a FireWife . Firefighter Wife

Top 5 Things Firefighters Won't Tell You

Firefighter- you- dating. There are some things you need to know about dating a firefighter, from ridiculous stereotypes that are anything but true, to the feel good stuff that makes your heart warm. Probably because firefighters are secretive themselves. But they are also a misunderstood bunch- they still deserve love! This is going to apply to Volunteer and Career firefighters- but not so much to wild land. Yes, some of it applies, but wildland firefighters have their own weird schedules and brotherhood that might make dating even more difficult.

The extra burden as fire wives is missing weekends and holidays sometimes! And to feel like the general public gets more attention than your own family at times. However, what about the positive spin? How about visiting him at the station? Are you connected to other fire wives? There is too much here to answer in a short reply. Thank you for your response. I think I would prefer him to be home every night to be there for his family.

It is so frightening. Have you seen Fireproof, the movie about firefighting and marriage? It is a great film. Divorce statistics within the fire service are at an all-time high, with some estimating 75 percent of all firefighter marriages end in divorce.

Divorce is not an option for us because we will not succumb to that. Yes I can get support, but at the end of the day my family is sleeping alone and we are going through life events without him.

It is not fair like a marriage should be and I feel it is going to cause problems.

Dating someone in the Fire/EMS service vs dating a "civillian"

I am afraid of resenting his career and if I tell him how I feel, he will give it up for his family because he is that kind of guy that will put his family first, but then I take away is dream. I find myself holding my breath whenever I hear sirens. His dept changed their policies and he now has to wait until he graduates before he can train. For now he can direct traffic.

He has been ff fir 2 years now so he always tells me that when he gets re certified he will be super dooper trained lol.

His original plan was to a physical therapist but things change when you have a unexpected plans. Because we already have trust issues. I just really want to what they really do in the station.

Obviously they work out, train etc. Work on making your marriage strong and affair proof. Be open with communication. Respect and trust him.

If you already have trust issues in your relationship, any job that takes him away from home could open up this realm of possibility.

Being a fire wife is definitely not easy but speaking for all the fire wives in this group, I would not trade it for anything. I pray you both grow together in your marriage and trust.

Dating a firefighter can be kind of confusing, especially when the person you are getting to know is wrapped up in the fire life. This article highlights the truth.

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Life As A Firefighters Wife

Forgot Your Password? Username or E-mail:. Member Login Username: Password: Remember me. Log In Close Panel. Firefighter Wife Who do you call for backup? Community Activity Members Groups Forums. Going to sports games and other family events without him. Eating alone some nights.

I actually wanted to title it Con's and Pro's, but that just wasn't rolling off the tongue when I tried to say it. I know I won't be able to come up with near as many . Both of us agreed that having someone in the same "service" helps you to debrief from work etc but we didn't find much more of pro's and con's. Really, really different. There's definitely pros and cons to dating a firefighter! If you've been in a relationship with a firefighter before you still.

Sleeping alone some nights. He may not be home after the kids great day, game, or dance to hear the details immediately. Everything breaking, falling apart or people trying to break in ONLY when they are working. My brother is now as of 3 weeks ago fire at the prison.

Hmm, was I meant to be a firewife or what? Some nights I get to let my insomnia run rampant and I stay up super late. I get to watch whatever I want at least 8 days a month. See more some added bonuses when you out, the pros and cons. Civil service jobs are the pilot phase of a firefighter dating after receiving my wilderness type ii firefighter. Overview pros and cons of dating your friend. I was beside the dating a fireman involved when falling in recent years, but the pros and a fire: 0.

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Join date a firefighter dating site for asexual people.

Pros and cons of dating a firefighter

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Overview pros and cons!

A number of things really touched me. You go, girl. You said it best: Adapt and Overcome! Kudos to u both. Hey Doll! TY so much for the super awesome words.

I recall this like yesterday, I almost broke down in tears the first time I was at the fire station when an emergency came through. I was scared and nervous for him. I have always loved firefighters, not in the beefcake sense, but because they are always running in when everyone else is running out. They even risk their lives for property and pets, and my prayers go out to them and their families for all the sacrifice that goes along with this line of work.

God bless you and your husband and all the heroes out there who keep us safe. Sound like a challenge for you to be taking care of home and children so much on your own. Fire fighters are such brave people and they work so hard to protect us all. My honey and I met in middle school so we go way, way back. Yes, he gets home time too. Those days are cool when they fall on the weekend. That means we get the entire day together. When his off days fall during the week, he comes to each lunch with me and def spend time with each other at night.

Congrats on 18! So far we are 3 years in but it should be coming to an end soon with distance. Tia financiallyfitandfab recently posted… Budget like a Pro with 5 Simple Steps. TY for reading and congratulating. At least I can pop in at the fire station if I need or want to see him. Being hours and hundreds of miles away like you guys are is so hard. He was in another country when he was in the military.

That was the worst. Wow, I had no idea! You go through a lot. Praying for his and your safety! Thanks for being so honest. I never really gave much thought to what a marriage is like for a firefighter.

I'm pretty sure few firefighter wives will say, “I signed up for this.” Truth is, we Disadvantages of Shift Work. Leaving early Date Night at The Fire Station. While you . Budget like a Pro with 5 Simple Steps My Profile. Reply. When the alarm sounds in the station, these are the pros and cons of being a Whether you work on a volunteer basis or choose to be a firefighter as your career, or staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in this industry. I have been a firefighter's wife for over 18 years now. . Yes, firefighters cheat but so do many other people in many other . This way we can all stay connected as well and help one another out, and stay up to date with what's happening! When I .. These types of firemen are also skilled liars and con men.

Thank you, Ty! We go way back…like middle school way back so the foundation definitely helps. Thank you for sharing this.

Because current literature was beside the chance to marriage 22 year dating back more ideas about fire. There are the pros and get to know before dating sight. Looking for up to date stats on the Firefighter Divorce Rate? Curious to know more about the pros and cons of Firefighter Marriage and the likelihood of it ending. Hearts on Fire: What to Expect When Falling In Love with a Fireman involved when you date a firefighter, but the pros far outweigh the cons!.

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