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Best Dating Rules (The Best Girls, #2) by Tamie Dearen

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Best Dating Rules: The Best Girls, #2

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She mustered her most discouraging tone. I still need to stock my pantry. So tonight will mostly be grocery shopping. Nothing I really need help with, but thanks—.

Even better. He answered his vibrating cell phone. Hi, Olivia No, not tonight. Maybe Wednesday? Awesome—see you. Without blinking an eye, he turned back to Emily. So tonight?

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Sound okay? Emily shook her head in disbelief. But had he actually made a date with another girl on the phone while he was in the process of making a date with her?

He was way too much of a player. She poured on the sarcasm. See ya tonight. She had to prove she could do this on her own. Her stepfather had convinced her to move into one of the apartments owned by Gherring Inc.

Steven Gherring had explained the apartment was merely a part of the initial job offering rather than a special favor for a family member. But it felt like favoritism to her. After all, she was the youngest person in the Accounting department by at least five years, with most being in their thirties and forties.

Well, except for Spencer, who was only twenty-five; but he was an intern. Mom only embarrassed me a little bit, and I managed to talk her out of introducing me to the entire office. Think of it as a bonus. He invited himself over here tonight to help me unpack and stock up on groceries. Emily rubbed her forehead.

Now what am I going to do? But not this time Both her mom and her sister had quizzed her about him repeatedly. Stop it. You have to help me. What am I going to do? It would hurt his feelings. Maybe he deserves it.

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Do you know he made a date with another girl on the phone while he was making this date with me? You know the dating rules. Okay, okay So, go get your suitcases out and take stuff off your shelves and put it in the suitcases.

Just tell him you were really hungry, so you went by the grocery store on the way home from work. Good idea. Emily relaxed a little. I can ski and climb and raft and hike and bike with them without having one guy tied to me. Awesome, Sis. Thanks for your advice. I hate to take my stuff off the shelves. She decided to make spaghetti because the aroma would be really strong. The smell was working on her as well—she noticed her stomach gurgling.

Spencer knocked on the door at six thirty on the dot. Wow—what smells so good? He waltzed in the door and proceeded straight to the kitchen. Want me to make garlic cheese bread? He perused her totally stocked and well-organized kitchen and raised his eyebrows.

She cringed, but his face split in a sincere smile.

He found the supplies needed for his bread and started working. As relief flooded her body, she hurried to finish preparing dinner. Spencer chatted about his excitement at getting the internship at Gherring Inc. His manner was friendly and platonic. Maybe he was simply an extremely amicable person.

Maybe he only wanted to be good friends. That would explain why he felt comfortable making a date with another girl while talking to her. Surprisingly, her heart gave a little pang at this thought. Not that she liked him or anything. But he was really cute, so she was flattered by his attention. Realizing he probably gave the same sort of attention to everyone, she was a little letdown. Soon the sauce was stewing and the water boiling for pasta.

Enter Tamie Dearen's library and read online all its books. Best Dating Rules - The Best Girls #2. Tamie Her Best Match - The Best Girls #1 Free [email protected] Best Dating Rules book. Read 36 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This is an alternate cover edition for B00HZZT5ZO A new job. A. Best-Selling Christian Romance author Kristen Ethridge brings readers home to Port Provident, . Get free short stories on My Book Cave November , . But when her sister meets a man online who wants to meet her over the holiday, Bethany puts her foot down. . Books by Tamie Dearen Best Dating Rules.

He chuckled as he spooned a sample of the sauce. Momma and Papa both worked, so I helped out as much as I could.

Grocery shopping and cooking became my job. Yep, oldest of five. My youngest sister is seventeen. That was their dream.

Best Dating Rules

He stopped to pull his bread from the oven. Tell me about your family. When did you lose your dad? I was eight years old, almost nine. Yeah, I have to admit those two look pretty happy together. Yep, my Aunt May and Uncle George own it. I worked for them until I started this job. Emily was increasingly relaxed as dinner progressed. When Spencer got up and started washing the dishes, she took a moment to admire the view he presented from behind.

His calves flexed even when he was simply standing at the sink. And she could see his shoulders straining against his t-shirt. What was she doing?

Still, it was harmless—she was merely enjoying the show. I said we should go for a walk. You could change into shorts. Then he glanced at the suitcases. Or did you want me to help you unpack? Outside, they strolled at a fairly nice pace. Emily was glad. She was afraid Spencer would try to hold hands or put his arm around her or something dreadful like that, but he kept his hands to himself.

He carried the conversation, explaining all the things the city had to offer in the summer. But Emily thought this was her chance to be proactive. Her mom had gotten herself in trouble by not speaking clearly about what she was thinking.

With Spencer being so What was he? Since he was so assertive, she needed to be up-front about her intentions. You know, Spencer. I want to concentrate on my career. I totally agree. But I thought you were sort of a player. I mean, Mom said there are girls hanging around you all the time. I mean, I have a lot of friends, and some of them are girls. Red crept up his face as he spoke. Emily reached into her pocket for money, but Spencer objected. It was my idea.

Her voice trailed off and she felt her face flushing. Whatever you say. He grinned as he opened the door to the gelato shop. Yeah, great. What had just happened? It seemed they were in an official relationship, albeit non-dating.

Best dating rules tamie dearen read online free

His shoulders slumped. He was so full of water and coffee he was about to bust. Leave it to him to fall for a workaholic. But really, it was better this way. She thought he was a player—what a joke.

The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Best Dating Rules (The Best Girls, #2) by Tamie Dearen at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!. Read Best Dating Rules by Tamie Dearen for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Previous Next. Book cover for Noelle's Golden Christmas by Tamie Dearen Book cover for Best Dating Rules by Tamie Dearen. Best Dating Rules.

But he had this weird thing about wanting his first kiss to be special, and no one had seemed special enough. They made suggestive comments and dressed in low cut shirts and flirted audaciously. Until he met Emily. She was different from all the other girls. She was beautiful, no doubt. She was taller than most girls, and she had long sleek muscles. Her hair was dark brown and shiny, always in a long neat braid. She was naturally beautiful without any adornment.

It was What was it? Her brains? Her wit? Her accomplishments? No, it was her smile. He could happily spend the rest of his life simply making her smile. Not that he was in love or anything. He merely liked her. He liked her a lot. What a joke. It would probably be the worst kiss of her life.

But what can I do about it now. I read one time you could practice on a coke bottle—maybe I can try that. Spencer leaned over her to examine her work. He reached out to access the keyboard and brushed against her shoulder. He might as well give up on ever dating Emily Best. He tapped on her keyboard. That should fix it. All you have to do is choose this option.

He tried to hide his surprise. Why was she asking him to go with her? He thought she wanted to avoid him. She looked down as color rose to her cheeks. I mean If you have other plans She lifted her huge blue sparkling eyes, peering through her lashes. And, thank you. Having lunch with her daughter brought such joy, and this would likely be the first of many. Papa George and May gladly accommodated Steven Gherring so he could dine away from the public eye.

But today Emily was with them, and Anne was excited. She gave her husband an appreciative glance. Now, if she could only get Charlie to move here as well, everything would be perfect. Emily had brought Spencer along to lunch.

Anne attempted to tamp down her curiosity.

Tamie Dearen is married to the most romantic man in the world - which is why she Dearen talks about the first book in the series, Her Best Match, explains why readers Enjoy our handpicked selection of great free and deeply discounted ebooks Anne is smart and confident and caring, and she has a great relationship.

Did their relationship involved more than friendship? They spoke as if they were simply buddies. I thought pot roast was your favorite. I get like this when I get stressed. She pinned him with a playfully stern look. Like when I thought you were sleeping with Ellen.

Will you never let me forget that little incident? His lips curled in a guilty smile before he turned, clarifying to Emily and Spencer. I was only trying to make her jealous. And nothing happened at all. You called me up to your apartment with some made-up excuse, and you had Ellen lounging on your couch with a glass of wine.

And you had your shirt unbuttoned. And you had soft music playing But I was only pretending to do what you said you wanted me to do, he protested in a playful tone. He defended himself again. She was trying to get rid of me by pawning me off on another woman.

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