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Here's a Way To Meet All Those Guys With Sexy Foreign Accents . Glamour

In May , the team updated DateBritishGuys. The new version of the site is mobile-first, which means it looks great on iPhones, tablets, and all other mobile devices. Ben and Becca Elman are a fun-loving couple on a mission to make international dating easier for American women and British men. Clearly, something magical was happening to attract these types of singles to one another. Ben, who is British, and Becca, an American, wanted to make it easier for singles like them to start a whirlwind romance with someone across the pond, so in they started a dating website called DateBritishGuys. American women flocked to the dating site in hopes of meeting a cutie with a British accent.

After meeting women from other countries don't worry gals, he says American girls are great toohe thought it was different to get to know people from other cultures, plus he found their accents attractive. Since he thought most people don't meet foreigners that often, he decided to create a website that would help with that.

Despite my weakness for accents, I don't think I'll be signing up for this one.

Accents, while admittedly pretty hot, are just a superficial bonus like being tall or owning a boat. Sure, I might enjoy it if a man had any of those qualities, but I'm not going to date him solely for those things.

Nearly half of college graduates know someone who began a long-term relationship as a result of a dating app. It is, therefore, undeniable, that technology has revolutionalized the way people date and interact.

Here's a Way To Meet All Those Guys With Sexy Foreign Accents

Combining awesome visuals with breakthrough audio technology, HearMyAccent will unleash new features hitherto unknown in the dating app realm. These will all combine to make dating exciting and fun again.

In a nutshell, the app makes it possible to find and interact with singles in your area who bear sexy accents that you love and are drawn to. Everyone has an accent, even you!

Most of us have a very small circle of friends and acquaintances and if you are in the market for dating, this can be a barrier.

The HearMyAccent dating app allows you to extend your reach to a wider pool of impressionable singles in your area and opens up more options to choose from.

May 7, - And someone has thoughtfully rounded up the men who have them and put them in one place for all of us to date. (Rounded them up on the. Jul 11, - Experience. Home > Apps & Sites > Article American women flocked to the dating site in hopes of meeting a cutie with a British accent. HearMyAccent. Welcome to HearMyAccent, the world's only dating app. Listen to their voices AND view their photos. Hear the accents you love of singles within your own locale. And guess what? Everyone has an accent, even YOU. Click Here To Download HearMyAccent on iOS.

Online dating apps including HearMyAccent will make it possible for you to build a portfolio of potential dates as you see and listen to their accents. With new and improved database features, you are able to make more informed decisions when it comes to your dates.

Mar 12, - HearMyAccent is the world's only dating app for singles who love singles with accents! HEAR other singles' accents, SEE their photos, and. Hi Rochelle, I am glad you contated me, it was a few months ago when I saw you on a I think GMTV in England, I currently live in Spain and work as a. Feb 13, - Nudes, apps and the sexiest accents: London's dating scene laid bare. We quizzed more than 3, Londoners about their love lives for our.

The App offers a more comprehensive audio-visual profile that enhances the way you make dating decisions. The new version is mobile-first, meaning it caters to folks browsing for dates on their phones.

The site has also embraced mutual matching and offers an equal pay structure for male and female members. Instead, the dating site has adopted a mutual matching system where singles can only communicate once both have expressed interest by Hotlisting each other.

While some men have grumbled over this limiting feature, the response from women has been overwhelmingly positive. The number of matches on the site has also increased as users enjoy a more targeted way to screen date prospects.

Socialize with Brits across the pond or expats right next door on How HearMyAccent Online Dating App Will Impact Your Social Life interact with singles in your area who bear sexy accents that you love and are drawn to. Aug 28, - The Short Version: For many American daters, hearing someone whisper sweet nothings in their ear in a delightful accent can be a major.

A simple and fast sign-up process encourages singles to skip ahead to the fun part of online dating. The new site has also made the sign-up process incredibly easy and intuitive. Ben boasted that new members can join in just two clicks. By speeding up the registration process, the team hopes to dramatically reduce the bounce rate and make it easier for people to dive into online dating.

Dating app for accents

Online safety is a hot-button issue in the dating industry because one unsavory character can ruin the experience for someone putting his or her heart on the line. However, keeping scammers out of a global dating network is no easy task; it takes a lot of resources and vetting to spot the bad apples before they make trouble on the site.

The dating site verifies the identities of new members and confirms that the men joining are actually from the UK.

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The system currently requires members to send photos of their IDs, but later in the year DateBritishGuys. That really gives a level of credibility to the website and the user. While DateBritishGuys does collect and verify some personal information, the team has promised to keep that information private and use it only to better the site and the user experience.

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