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A scan of the statistics reveals: 1 in 5 Americans will experience mental illness in their lifetime. Two things we can learn from conversations about dating a partner with depression:. All relationships face obstacles, some more than others. Dating someone with depression is no exception, and can even be more challenging. However, those with depression often have incredible capacities for empathy, understanding, and emotional insight, which enrich relationships. Learn how others get through similar struggles , and make the most of your amazing partner, despite their depression.

When they start talking, don't try to interrupt to get your two cents into the conversation. Instead, passionately listen. If they are saying some things that make you want to defend yourself, resist the urge to get offended and remember they are struggling but don't allow it to continue if it is crossing into verbal abuse.

But, if they are simply getting out their frustration and it hasn't crossed the line do your best to be there to support them. Put your phone down, look away from the TV, and tune into what they are saying. This is really good advice for any relationship. You've probably heard of the "grass is greener" issue in relationships.

So if you're in the dating world, you really might find yourself dating someone with depression. Two things we can learn from conversations. Dating someone with depression is undoubtedly challenging. Here we talk about treatment options, as well as things to help you get through. Dating someone with depression can be an intimidating prospect, but by understanding a few basics you can set the stage for a strong and.

All relationships are hard, relationships with someone suffering from depression is even harder. It's easy when you are in the messy times of your relationship to see another couple that seems like they have it all together and wonders if the effort you are making is even worth it.

When dating someone with depression you may go through periods of time when you feel like all you are doing is giving. That's when it is more important than ever to focus on what you like and love about your significant other.

If you compare your everyday life with someone else's highlight reel what they post on social media or act like in publicthere is no way your real relationship can ever compare. Remind yourself that every relationship has troubles. Then, make a mental list of every reason why you have chosen to be with the other person. Focus on the good, even during the rough times. While it's not always the case, there can be triggers for depression. Try to keep track to see if you can spot any situations that happen that seem to trigger the symptoms of depression.

If you know what to watch for you may be able to help prevent some situations or at least not be caught off guard every single time it happens. There is a lot of guilt that comes with depression.

No one wants to affect the people around them that they care about negatively. However, when depression kicks in, it is not something that you can ignore and be able to act as though you feel fine. Your significant other knows that the depression impacts you and they hate it. They don't want you to stop living life every time they can't bring themselves to get out of bad.

Do not try to make them feel guilty because they already do naturally and that adds to the depression. Let them know that you understand they are struggling and they don't need to worry about you because you are ok. Depression can be a result of many different things.

If the person you are dating is experiencing depression due to a situation or event that has happened in their life, there is a chance that eventually they will move past it. However, there is no way to tell for sure. If you are only dating someone with depression because you are counting on it "going away" for good, then you should probably move on.

Dating guys with depression

Dating someone with depression means that you accept them for who they are and are willing to be with them during the times they are doing well and the times that they are struggling. If you are unable to do that, then it's best to walk away before getting in too deep. In these cases, try to get other friends or family involved in the conversation.

If they still refuse to seek help and you feel their mental and emotional health is impacting your relationship, do not be afraid to evaluate your relationship and consider a break-up. Again, if you are concerned that your partner might cause themselves harm, reach out to professionals or emergency services for help. Depression can bring a lot of challenges to an otherwise healthy relationship.

Dating someone with depression can leave you feeling helpless and frustrated. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help your boyfriend or girlfriend if they suffer from depression.

When you date a man with depression, it can become a struggle to maintain a relationship with him and protect your own mental health. The experience is not fundamentally different than dating someone without a mental illness, but there are issues that are more likely to arise.

Below are some things to consider when trying to help your partner through their condition. If you are dating someone with depression, it is important to understand that depression can be related to many different factors and experiences.

These may include:. Understanding the cause of depression in your significant other can help you understand their diagnosis.

This can help you determine the best ways to support your boyfriend or girlfriend through their difficult situation. This can be especially confusing if you feel like they are often frustrated with you. It is important to remember that depression does not always have a direct cause and is associated with physical changes in the brain, chemical levels, hormone imbalances, and family history.

It can also cause a person to be irritable, and if you are around them often you might be an easy target for any outbursts. Understanding that depression in your partner is not about you can help prevent a lot of frustration.

It can be easy to blame depression for any frustrations your partner expresses and to minimize their concerns. However, it is essential to recognize that these feelings are not always caused by depression. Listen to what your partner is saying and try to work through these frustrations with them.

When you see someone you love experiencing pain, your first instinct is likely to try to fix the problem. Because you have probably felt sad or down in the dumps at times, it might feel like it is easy to coach your partner through their depression. This is not the case. Depression is not a short-term sadness or tiredness that can be fixed with sleep and a positive attitude.

Your partner needs your support, but it is unfair to expect them to bounce back if you provide them with happy experiences or motivational insights. When you are dating someone with depression, open communication is key to keeping the relationship healthy and supporting your loved one.

Let them know you are there for them and available to listen. Sharing your concerns with them about their health and well-being can also help them see the importance of seeking or continuing treatment for their condition. Depression can impact the emotional relationship you experience with your partner, but it can also impact your physical relationship.

One symptom of depression is a lack of interest in sex and a lack of energy. This can be extremely troubling for someone with depression who is trying to have a successful relationship. Let your partner know you understand this is part of their condition and you fully support them. When you see your loved one suffering, it can be easy to focus on them and forget about yourself.

If you have ever found yourself dating someone with depression, you likely have a lot of insider's relationship tips to share. In fact, more than likely, you have. Dating someone with depression is no easy feat. When handled incorrectly by the couple, it can ruin a relationship. Here are tips on how to do it. I've recently started dating a guy and we both really like one another. A few days ago he disclosed that he has depression and anxiety to me.

Dating someone with depression can be extremely frustrating, annoying, and at times you may even feel like a verbal punching-bag but this too shall pass. More than likely, your girlfriend already knows that exercise promotes feel-good, depression-fighting oxytocin.

Love Someone Who Has Depression? This is What You Need to Know.

And she also knows that open-communication is key to a healthy relationship. And that isolating herself is just about the worst thing she can do for her depression.

Your translation? When you have sex, you want to feel sexy, hot, and confident. You know what rips all of those erotic feelings away from you? Be patient with your lover until they get back into the swing of things sexually, and always keep the lines of communication open.

Dating Someone With Depression: Everyone Can Win

They can still be super sexy, loving, giving, and have the amazing ability to make you laugh. It just means those rough spots are going to come a little sooner than you thought. So in some cases, your happiness and mental stability has to come first.

Dating someone with depression can be hard. It's painful to watch someone you care about suffer and not be able to help them. It can be. By Depression Alliance Staff. Dating Someone with Depression. Depression can be devastating for those who suffer from it and dramatically impact their. Dating and depression don't always go hand in hand as it's pretty common for guys to withdraw from relationships when fighting depression.

Bottom line? There is nothing easy about dating someone with depression, but the endless love they give you in return for your patience and support is definitely worthwhile.

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