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Kappa Alpha Psi hosts Speed Dating

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If you know you have a boyfriend or girlfriend yes, sororities have groupies too it's your responsibility to control yourself around them and make them aware the you're in a relationship and you're not going to have any foolishness.

I don't think there's a huge difference, if the guy is nice and treats you well then thats all that really matters. I guess the disadvantage to dating someone not in the Greek system is if they have a negative view of greeks and refuse to change their mind even after dating you. I do prefer to date Greek men because of my huge commitment to my sorority. The cool thing about my current boyfriend is that we were both rush chair at the same time and both chapter presidents at the same time.

I suppose if you date someone in the Greek system there is that advantage that he will understand your reasons for being in a sorority, etc. However I have met some real slimey fraternity boys in my day and pass them over for a GDI no prob. I guess it's one of those things were you have to weigh the pros and cons of the situation I am non-greek, but my last boyfriend was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and to be honest I couldn't handle it.

If It wasn't women hanging all over him it was parties, if it wasn't the parties, it was his job. He is a stripper and that leads back to the women. I was always upset or jealous. I didn't want him to chose between 2 things he loves so I decided for him; I left him.

To this day I am not sure if I made the wrong or right choice. Thats just my 5 dollors!! Personally, I don't find greek men any different from non-greek men. However, I can say that I feel that it is a little bit easier to date a greek men as far as his understanding my commitment to my sorority goes. I've dated a greek man before and I know that he understood why I won't just blow off a sorority meeting and how it's not just a 'college thing' because he has the same commitments.

My last boyfriend was non-greek and never seemed to understand these concepts. I can't speak for all "greek men" but MINE, and he is like tony the tiger says grrrreat!!!

He wasn't immature before he became a Kappa but there is a big difference in his persona now than then. He is VERY mature and carries himself like the proper gentlemen he is. He is smart, takes care of himself inside and out, and always is willing to go the extra mile to help someone else. I feel as if some men are going to act immature regardless if he is in a FRAT or not.

The attitude of one should not down play the entire FRAT. I don't think it will make a difference, it's the relative maturity of the two people in the relationship that can make or break it. And yes, often times affiliations can make a person more mature or vice versa! My personal experience is an im perfect example: a relationship with a greek guy did not work well among other things, he looked down on my own greek involvement The guy I'm dating now is not greek though he has just as serious committments to an Order he belongs tobut a delightful, supportive young man.

Go figure! Find all posts by equeen. I have never dated a greek man, before or after I became greek. He is a few years older than I am, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not?

I can only name a handful of these guys that I know that don't fall in this category. This is definitely not a bad thing because hopefully he will. The men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. held a forum Thursday night discussing the rules of romance in college. I wanna date a Nupe in college! It's a Shepherd's Life . See more. Real Men Love Deltas Kappa Alpha Psi, Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Sisters, Sorority.

Incidentally, I can't think of any fraternity men I would have wanted to date at my school out of those I knew personally. I guess they're just not my type SilverTurtle greekchat. Let's see I am a non greek and I had a guy that I was interested in and who was interested in me While he was on line he used to call me and when we would talk, he would always swear up and down that he would not change when he crossed!

While he was online he seemed to be so sweet It seemed like overnight when this boy finally crossed he became Mr.

Dating Greek

Party all the time So I guess there are two sides to every coin Eh, the only thing I can see it totally impacting is what you do as a couple. I've casually dated some Greek guys, and it seems like all we do is go to frat parties, etc. I am, however, seriously involved with a NON-Greek who really doesn't like but is learning to tolerate the Greek system--it's hard because I try to keep him away from Greek events, I really don't want him to be uncomfortable he's really not anything like any fraternity member I've ever met.

So, I guess it has to do with individual comfort levels. Seems like it might also depend on how long he has been greek. Neo's are dealing with their newfound on-campus fame -- they seem to be a bit more immature and all that is bad about greek men. But those that have worn their letters for a little while seemed to have calmed down a bit. I've never seriously dated a greek man. I don't know if that is for me. I have dated both.

I actually prefer Greek men cause GDI's usually don't have any concept of how much time we spend doing the work of our organizations and are more prone to get jealous or argue about your time committement with your org. Of course that is not to say that Greek men won't either I've dated both gdi and greek. I prefer greek. As mentioned earlier, the level of understanding regarding time commitment, etc. When he has a meeting, I understand, when I have to prep for rush, he understands.

Also, when I got engaged to my frat guynot only did I get a candle passing from my sisters, but I was serenaded by my guy and his boys.

I think it's an added bonus The gdi guys I dated didn't like the greek thing. Also, when I met these guys, I didn't tell them I was in a sorority at first. I found out later with one guy that had he known that I was greek, he would not have dated me. One greek guy I dated wanted to know some house secrets. He wanted to 'compare notes' as he put it.

Please let's not hit the miltary topic. I couldn't have said it better myself. It's crazy how you always say the same thing I am about to or am thinking. I wonder how many people are in unfulfilling relationships because the person who made them happy wasn't "equally yoked" at the time.

I am asking this, cause this is happening in real life to my friend. He isn't the most religious person, but he has a heart made of grade-A solid gold. Regardless of religion, this is the guy you want your corner…I know first hand. He's thousands of times better for her than the d-bags she dates in church, but she pulled out the "equally yoked" argument a couple months after they went out.

Sadness ensues. I mean i knew it was possible but you just cosigned. Hey, I'm not greek but I have deadlines and time commitments. I've tried to get acclimated to the area by attending various supply chain mgmt meetings.

My current assignment runs on a strick time line…. Good ai. D can help you improve in your multitasking skills. Pear shaped man…I had one once. I think if someone has a generous spirit I could count the in if they don't go to church BUT I once tried to date an atheist…yeah it couldn't work.

I like koolaid too!!! But time outside of my job is not strictly for socializing. I have so much other stuff going on, and sometimes men who have never operated with a lot on their plate at one time kinda don't understand that.

That's the point I was making. Myself and Humble once mentioned that you have to be happy with your own self. Depending on someone else to "make you happy" is dangerous. Perhaps she want Mr. Grade A to find that same religious path that she will fine ideal for the man leading their household because she see his potential and know that with God's strength between their union, their "struggles" will be easier if marriage is one of those discussions that has come up.

Now, if she messing with one of these Christian hood ninjas just because they in church every Sunday, then she need to revise her check list for "Mr. Right" and stop being technical. Renegade girl are u off today or did you just find a way around the system…I thought we lost you in the daytime…welcome back!!

I am currently dating a Marine I love to see him in his uniform and out. It it difficult to date anyone in the military, you have to deal with long deployments and moving to different duty stations.

If you can't deal with being separated for long periods of time than it's not something that I would suggest. I am not in a sorority, mainly because I use to think it was really corny. However, later I wanted to join Deltas after learning some things about them.

Now I just can't imagine doing it at this point in my life. I do like Alphas because most of my cousins are Alphas. As far as Mason and Eastern Star thats another subject. But haven't really dated many frat men. I know a gang of Masons though and have some in my family. Well off to my busy day… I will catch up with you all sometime tonight when everyone else is gone to sleep. He was on the phone when i walked in so I helped myself to the tour and walked around taking pics.

He got off the phone and joined me, remembered who I was, asked me some quesitons about when I wanted to move, mentioned he hadn't seen me in the gym and demonstrated that he remembered i was about to buy a new car the last time i was there. We got into a convo about nothing in particular during which I smiled and batted my eyes like any suthern belle would do. Everytime I motioned to leave he seemed to come up with a new question to prolong our convo at least thats the impression i was getting and before i finally left he said he wanted to make sure he followed up with me and took my contact info again since it wasn't in his computer.

I finally left with no personal request for my time or attention and not really knowing how to assess our interaction. He was really nice and personable, but aren't salespeople supposed to be?

I considered stopping back by to say something cute but didn't want to look like I had no life other than pestering him. Instead I sent him an email saying "I wasn't completely honest with you earlier, when I stopped by under the guise of taking pictures, I also stopped by to flirt with you a little.

I hope that's not frowned upon behavior. I think you're very attractive and thought I'd let you know. Enjoy your afternoon" He responed "LOL I didn't think you were there long enough to take many pictures.

Thanks for the compliment. Maybe we can do lunch or something next week" I responded with "Lunch 'or something' sounds good, let me know when would be good for you". That was it. This all went down Saturday. Teacia-I just read the two posts that are there. I swear this is starting be an epidemic. Being that I'm on a college campus the yard is brimming with all types of greeks even non divnine 9 ones, some of my closest friends are alphas and i think they would be great dating material if they weren't still in the college mindset of trying to see if they can eff everything that moves.

I have no problem with greek orgs my mother was an alpha angel not a groupie!. I wouldnt date someone just because they were greek and to be perfectly honest i do have prefrences my 2 of my friends told me a que licked them at 2 different parties.

Bree: I think that you did it the right way… I don't have the b-zalls to come clean but you did way to work that grown woman out! Good job at putting it back into hands… if he wants to "actually set up a time," now he has to play that card.

I wouldn't contact him again…. Bree- alright girl. Sounds like somethin i would do. You should do lunch so u can ask all the questions that never seem appropriate to ask when you first meet someone. Just so you dont waste your time or his. I know I'm gonna get tomatos thrown at me, but Berger aka Greg Behrendt's writer… is right.

In my opinion not Greg's btw if he doesnt contact you in the next day or so for me it would be EOD today you haven't set off any major alarms. The other problem is that some men are used to being pursued, im not saying that he is, but some men like for you to work for them. And that epidemic is enough to get me into orange jumpsuits… but that is another blog, another day. Us girls read too much into words and text-based communication sometimes.

Good job on going after what you want though. Nicki-Girl you ain't lying. I'll be in cell block 1 should I have to deal with it again. I agree with Comeback. The fact that he did respond is a good thing. I also started thinking that maybe he didnt know if you were sending signals and didnt want to be inappropriate in the workplace and thats why he didnt jump at trying to persue you then. Lets see how the first date goes.

Please update us Bree. Breelicious — I wish more women were proactive like you were with this guy. Don't take him not setting a date as him not being interested. He may have a woman or may be busy. If he doesn't communicate with you after a week or so then I would say he probably is too busy, not feeling you, or he has a woman. Bree I'm sending good thoughts your way.

AQ Nupes of Kappa Alpha Psi Present - KomeBak (Stroll) {HD}

You can help it by visualizing the intended outcome. See yourself on the date with him. And you did check for a marriage band?? I don't it takes lazy socially inept men completely off the hook. And makes the woo unatural. Im sorry. I refuse to knowingly mess with someone else's husband.

Barring divorce paper's in a judge's inbox, lol. Sorry to detract from the topic…carry on! I have no preference in dating greek or non-greek. We are adults and things like that should not matter. Bree: Yes … she really wanted to know the secrets. She actually attempted to withhold "physical interactions" if I didn't tell her.

I realized that sounded rather harsh re socially inept men. However everyone has their role in the dance of the woo. Both people should be dancing the dance. One leads and one follows. One can't be seated getting while the other is humping their dance partner's lap.

It needs to be balanced and measured. Now we have talked about feminine men and masculine women. In this case its ok for her to pursue. As long as everyone knows their role and maintains it consistantly in the courtship process. Signals can't get crossed here. However most women like to be women. I wrote a whole blog post about women needing to step up. I think what Bree did is a good thing because he didn't respond negative and it probably brightened his whole day.

Furthermore, I don't think men are being lazy or socially inept, but men by nature are shyer and quieter than women. If we started giving men a little to go on then the woo might be more enhanced, especially if you meet him half way.

It's like going out to dinner with someone you've been dating for awhile and you never offer to pay. But you have to so that you can show that you bring more to the table than a pretty face, tits, and a vajayjay. Go Bree go. Should we get a questionnaire going just in case he book a lunch date? Do you have a wife? I know a salesman who is allergic to his wedding band and apparently his vows.

Where do you meet these broads!? You seem to have dated every stereotype there is for women. Women do do the choosing but in different ways.

I never said not to pursue a man, it should be done differently. I know women who would have followed up with an email, a phone call and then showed up the next day. I disagree.

Women that dont step up limit themselves to who approaches them. I also think it kind of sets the tone of who you are dealing with.

Dating a kappa alpha psi man

It can go two ways — 1. The man and woman start of as equals. From what I seen only insecure men dont like to be approached by women. Yeah i've never approached a man. Maybe I will make that my goal this week and then blog about it. I will bat my eyes, make eye contact and then strike up a convo. Hmm…thats my mission this week. I'm tired of staring contests that end in nothing. SIR, stop staring and say something! So I guess I will get my arss off the pot and speak….

If I think a guy is cute or he has something nice on, i'm gonna step to him and let him know. Its up to him to either say thank you and keep it movin or start a stimulating conversation. First of all. SBM I'd like to hear a response to Jolie's comment. It was a very good question worthy of a response. And please don't say the bootay is off the chain. My definition of approach is different.

I think you can approach a man without "approaching" him. That is in fact how you end up with the man you want. Again it is a dance. Women and Men are equal but different in a romantic role definition, and successful men at the dating process get this.

I don't really look at it as "him working overtime fo me". I look at is as him expressing interest enough to make me feel special.

But again there are alot of men out here who want to compete with a woman's specialness. And its not cute. Humble-I agree. I think if a woman even slightly smells that a man really wants her she will make him go through all kinds of unnecessary jumps and bumps. I think it is sad that a woman will put a man through that because once you get him under those terms I feel that he might eventually go to resent you.

It's like the man who wrote to Ms. D last week talking about his wife. So now we're back to being evenly yoked. If he's putting something out so should women, be it in the form of a hello, an e-mail, a phone call or paying for a meal. IndianaJones — What a lot of women dont get is that you get extra points for stepping up.

Some men wont look at you the same way as somebody he had to run his usual game on. Jolie, please do. I think its a topic of confusion. Some people don't get that a woman can be just as direct using gestures as with her mouth as in "hey can I have your number". When the scales are balanced it works. When the man wants to be the woman, or isn't sure how to assert his maleness in the dance.

This is what I've been trying to tell our dearly departed resident poster, that its ok to be the feminine man but you can't get mad when your feminine approach doesn't work on a feminine woman. Stay in your masculine woman lane. As an adult the only person that should make you feel special is you. Anything else is a bonus. I got friends that make women feel special until they get tired of them or they get what they want out of them.

Jolie: I am very interested in seeing how this goes… gosh, I wish we could do an experiment and put you on television for a week… I know it would help me. Comeback-You are the Queen of Self Love. I definitely think you should already feel special. No man should have to make you feel that way.

So you are dating a member of a Black fraternity. Is it ok I'm going to put this on and let the world know I got me an Alpha / Kappa / Omega / Sigma / Iota man!.

Plus, Humble's right, if they go too far out of their way to make a woman feel special I would be a bit leery. Humble you're preaching to the self-love choir. The woo is something entirely different. This isnt duty. You don't engage in meeting women just to feel like you do when you brush your teeth. People do the dance to get that special feeling. If you want to be devoid of said feelings then those men should just puruse a mail order bride catalog.

You can feel the same way that you do when you take a shower. I'm can be forward but I for sure won't be desperate. Humble — I think for the most part you and Comeback are arguing the same point and just having difficulty coming together on the degree to which a women "steps" to a man.

But I will, most likely, not ask for your number. SBM — I'm wondering the answer to the question as well…you have way too many stories about crazy people women. We need Why so to drop some of his knowledge on this topic. I'd like to warn him in advance to not disagree with me. Jaclynn I just read this. And I chuckled a little on the inside.

But why can't we love ourselves and each other. Comeback-LOL mail order bride! But haven't they been coming over here and killing the men?

A woman will tell you, very clearly, when she likes you. Except it's ALL indirect nonverbal communication…she plays with her hair, changes her posture, playfully touches, throws her head back and laughs [a signal for me to go in for the kill].

A guy tells you he likes you how? Directly verbal…. Some guys don't understand these signals. If you think a guy isn't picking up on the signals, it might be best to "speak his language" then let him know the signals coincide with your speak. Breelicious — I agree with you and Comeback as far approaching without being direct.

I am indifferent on asking for the number. Actually if you but yourself in the right position he will ask you. Nobody wants anybody that comes off as desparate. Bree, you've pretty much let your intentions be known to him so if he doesn't bite now, drop the issue and move on.

I used to "step up" and always got "stepped on" or gave the wrong impression and ended up having to cuss a few guys out…most men aren't mature enough to handle that or. Humble One you've touched on something there.

Just because a man buys you things or showers you with praise, doesn't mean they want the same thing as you do. They may be doing those things with only opposite goals in mind and that's to get your guard down so they can get whatever it is they want from you—be in sex or whatever.

Hum when I activated my third eye, it told me that this means that if you aren't given the number, you don't get the number.

Indifferent my zz. Flowers, candy, peppermint, a stick of gum…it doesn't matter really. If you got booty to give a man will take it even when he thought he had good intentions. However the woman is supposed to navigate the situation to higher ground. No, when I said indifferent I meant that I dont mind or see anything wrong with giving my number if she asked for it.

Some men do have a problem with it. I have given and exchanged phone numbers. But of course I am usually the one who asks for the number.

Most women don't approach men and ask for their phone number so naturally I usually ask for the number. Man I take a mid afternoon Monday nap and I come back to 70 comments…oh well, i guess that's how yall do it around here. Jolie: don't exclude present company, i'm just as crazy as the rest…just not wreckless with mine.

SBM: yeah even i think that's a bit much, organizational secrets are just that…. The Comeback Girl — "However the woman is supposed to navigate the situation to higher ground" and you know sometimes that's a challenge.

Isn't dating fun? It just naturally escalates to that situation. Let yall meet a guy a guy that sweeps you off your feet, and see how quick you want to give up the drawzz.

Our main requirements for sex? Woman with a heartbeat. A woman's requirements? Sometimes your wisdom is amazing. You know I find with myself I admit right off the bat a little flirtatiousness, some game, and I'll just take the panties off and hand them to you. Sorry girls can't help myself. Furthermore, yes a man just needs a vagina and a chest that's rising and falling. Women…well we need to have flowers, bubbles, candles, etc. No disrespect but if your experience is that bad with approaching men you have approached the wrong guys.

These dudes you approached seem mad immature. From my experience the guys that are willing to approach you and are very outgoing are the ones you describe. The thirsty dudes are the ones you are describing. I pose this question to the men in the room… If a female came up to you and started spittin game, would you think she was desparate or is she being confident in herself going after what she likes??

Good Afternoon — I'm just gone give shout outs cuz I wrote something and that ish didn't post — and I don't feel like writing it over. Hey SBM! Hey Tea! Hey Bree! Hey Nicki! Hey Mikki is mikki here?

Hey Shelia! Hey Jaclynn! Hey Comeback! Hey Humble! Hey Why So! And I'm not in a greek — don't care much about them either.

IndianaJones — If she spit game like a woman then yes. If she cut into me like "ay ma what's your name" or any other way some dudes try to talk then hell no. There is a way you can approach a guy without making him feel emasculated or he is in prison. First off, whatup phrat. I understand what your getting at, a lot of women can't understand why you have to go out so many nights to do phrat stuff.

Or why you need to go to every convention or conference. Sometimes it pays to be with a person who understands. This is straight out of the yaya-joyluck-sisterhood of the traveling pants school of thought.

Humble "There is a way you can approach a guy without making him feel emasculated or he is in prison. A woman or man understanding why you choose to do the things you do goes across the board — not just in regards to frats.

Comeback — my bday was last wednesday — I'm celebrating all month of course, in virgo fashion. I'll be in MD at the end of the month to toast. Good question. When I was younger I wouldn't return phone calls or not answer my phone. There was a few other things I did to get rid of them.

Humble: my statement wasn't directed at you since you seemed to have had a rebuttalso it's great that you're not the type I spoke of; however, there are some men who are. Some people strictly work from 9 to 5, and any time thereafter or before is for them, and they may not have a lot of other responsibilities. Thus, they wanna drink the koolaid all the time! I didn't think it was directed toward me I was just stating that I have met women with the same issue.

It was different seeing a woman make that statement because I mostly hear men say things like that. White people smell…and bad. I'm convinced that they don't give a damn about their hygeine and i'm about to pass the fuck out from all the rankness up in this biatch!! I'm too damn fly for a PWI…i mean really…my hair is fierce and I'm funky fresh to def…and they're just ummmm….

White people smell…. Man I should have done my grad work at Howard or something. But if she was the least bit needy, clingy, or "thirsty" I'd sniff it out in a second and dead it right then. That's the last thing I need in my life. Teacia-I have been going to school with them since I was 5.

How do you think I feel? Sometimes I want to hang dial on the door. Whyso-I mean if she kicks it to you like she's a true lady, smart, classy with a sense of humor that would work?

Does it work on all men? What say you all men? I don't have a peni! Yeah, I hope that for all the good women of SBM. I think we're a bunch of classy, sassy women who deserve it. TheRenegade — speaking off topic is normal. If it was any other way I would be on the wrong site…LO. Humble One — I may have missed it so if you have to repeat I apologize in advance…but what are some specific tips women should follow if they do want to approach men?

Comeback-Girl I am praying. I went to church yesterday and the Associate Pastor guy was staring at me like I was a chicken leg with some greens and cornbread. I didn't mind he's not so bad looking…but…I'm sure he's got some skeletons. Let me search this. I don't even notice those men.

I give em a church hug at the "greet your neighbor" part of the service. But ur in control girl. Some of those men pray on young single ladies. What day is it again?? Comeback-Girl…if he preys on anyone younger than me he'd go to jail…he's my age. Actually he might be a year younger.

Women unanimously pick Alphas as their favorite fraternity men. fraternity men; Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Sigma or Iota Phi Theta? “Kappas only date certain types of women,” says Leila. At SBM, you can read about the dating Greek BGLOs. It is known Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. so I can speak on the subject. This little fact I just wanted to shout out Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. Clearly came in. Dating Greek Men Dating & Relationships. but my last boyfriend was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and to be honest I couldn't handle it.

We used to do youth activities together but back then he was a bad ass. Terrible, then the Lord spoke to him and told him to calm that crap down. Eh…but Comeback, he's short…like my height…I don't know if I can…well shorter guys are nicer.

So saturday night I called the police on my roommates for being loud and belligerent, the police came and warned them and after they left they decided to threaten me saying they gonna whoop my ass!! I stayed at a friends for the rest of the weekend and today I get back to request another apartment cuz i live in an apartment share complex only to find out these heffers been doing this terrizing to try to get me out anyways!!

So now its time to get buck wild cuz now they just fuggin with me for no reason. I can't believe they almost got what they wanted. I am gonna make the rest of they stay here a living nightmare, and if somebody moves out this time it aint gone be me!!

Mikki-From experience I'd say you are treading on thin ice. Especially since there are apparently more of them than there of you. I'd say cut your losses and move. It's better to be healthy and whole than having someone do some mean physical stuff to you or torment you mentally. And yeah…. I have no preference in dating greek, but found that I do better with someone college educated. May eat my words later ;op as I am an equal opportunist!

Several of my friends are AKa's and Delta's, as well. I totally understand that people would like to be with people who they have a lot in common with, but who's to say that a GDI has nothing in common with a Greek, just based on if they pledged in college?

That usually means to me that a person has no life outside of their org, which is kinda wack once you get out of college and move on with your life. I know that it is a lifetime commitment, but gee whiz. Maybe I feel like this because I'm on the west coast where BGLO's dont have such a huge influence or impact in the community.

But I still think that to separate yourself from those who hold no affiliation, is kinda dumb. Thats funny as hell. I never asked any of my ex's that. They shared alot, but not because they asked…just because they needed someone to talk to.

I was just reminded about going out with a Sigma and he talked and talked so when I went back to school I was talking to Sigmas down there and I said something about some certain rule. They were so mad.

Dating a kappa alpha psi man. Tags: Dating A Gemini Man Dating A Gemini Woman Dating A Datibg Shorter Than You Dating A Girl With A Kid Dating A Guy . Kappas and Ques are the only frat men I will even consider dating Messed around with two Alpha's, by far the worse decision I'd ever made. The men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. held a forum Thursday night in the Zell B. Miller Learning Center to discuss the rules of romance in.

They demanded to know his name and overall whereabouts to beat his ass. This fool liked me so much in his attempt to woo me he ended up telling me frat secrets. Tsk tsk. Just like ol' girl. In parting, I think stereotpes are what we make of them.

I think its a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts, the moment we stop letting people off the hook for expected behavior, the moment they will realize that their behavior just isn't cool, and hopfully change their way accordingly.

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