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Well, I worked with a Pakistani man, and I did get a chance to meet both of his sisters. I don't think you can group all people from one gender of one country into a single basket, and I don't think you are but, there are some major cultural differences. Pakistan is a more conservative Muslim country, more so than Morocco or Egypt, so I would keep that in mind when reading posts on here. Women there simply don't have the same rights as men, I'm sorry to say. I know that if you are raped, you are the one in trouble, not the men. From what other women have said on here about how in numerous Islamic nations it's not proper to date an older woman, I worry about your situation. The Pakstani man I worked with wasn't by any means a radical.

I love random fun stuff like booking last minute holidays to unknown places and experience true thrill!

Personality wise I am confident, relaxed and cheeky sense of humour. Sultan Love is Life. I am really a sincere and honest person. Muhammad Only serious women plzz!!!

Salam alikum. E and currently i m residing in pakistan for last 2 years Malik I am looking for a partner for serious relationship. The only quality that i feel is worth mentioning here is that i never disrespect anyone. Found of fun, music, long drive, cookingouting and passion to explore the world. Rest anyone can get to know more about me after contacting and talking to me.

Ghous I performed Hajj last year and now I am really serious to find my other half true muslima. Faisal A Soul Mate! I was educated in the US where I lived for 6 years. I have worked with excellent companies, for over 10 years including running my own business.

I have been a management and leadership trainer for 5 years with a US company in Denver. Currently I am heading a company in Islamabad which is working in 20 countries. I like reading, walking, site seeing, table tennis, travelling, variety of cultures and people, dining playing with kids, paying respect to elders, helping poor people and so on.

My friends, family, colleagues say that I have soft, cool and sophisticated personality. I am thankful to Allah for His blessings and value peace of mind. Already A Member? Want to view full sized photos? You are one step away Divorced Pakistani Men For Dating. If you are lucky, this man will marry you and cover up the pregnancy in front of his Pakistani family but this case is very rare happened unless this man wants something from you such as visa or green card.

These men can use your private picture and video to scam or black mail you. As woman we should be more cautious about this. When a Pakistani man has serious relationship with you and he wants to marry you, he will introduces you to his Pakistani mother, and sisters.

When you marry a Pakistani man you don't only marry him but also you marry his family because Pakistan has joint family system so what family says is important and they will interfere your marriage life. Don't think too long to ask him about this, because boyfriend and girlfriend relationship is not Pakistani culture. So if you have relationship with a Pakistani man you should think in conservative way especially if you are falling in love with this man. Make sure if you have intention to marry your Pakistani man that his family knows about you as their future daughter in law.

At this moment, you will not have casual and light conversation with them, they will ask you many serious things especially about your family background and marriage. Therefore, don't trust them blindly always ask for proof when they say something to you. Finding a sincere Pakistani man to you in this male group is not an easy thing.

If these friends have conflict, then they can open all of the secrets but if they are fine then they will back up each other. Don't get too close to your Pakistani man's friends too because it's not a Pakistani culture, a good woman will hang out with woman not a group of men. If the intention to get visa, these people are willing to do anything, all the family members even can lie to you too to cover up their son background as long as he can marry you and can get visa.

Furthermore, many marriages in Pakistan are only under religion law so the government doesn't have the marriage record. If he lives in big city like Islamabad, Karachi, or Lahore then he can be single, but mostly already engaged. If he says to you he is divorced then ask for the divorce paper. If he asks you to marry him without introducing you to his parents, it means you will end up as a secret wife. Having intimate relationship and no matter how many times this man says that he loves you it doesn't mean he will marry you genuinely.

He can use you only for man pleasure or only for visa, be careful! If you love partying all time and have slept with many men, keep this to your own.

Thank you much for taking the time to write such a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it. You touched on some very good points and the red flags that you shared should be beneficial to many, as well. A couple of people warned me about it. I was just looking at the superficial such as traveling to his country and getting to see a different way of life. Although, none of it would matter if we as Muslim were living one culture-Islam and putting it first.

My sympathies with all women, who have been cheated on and scammed. Having your heart broken like this is horrible. I could cite you similar examples of men luring women with sweet talk and getting them to send them Money and pay their way into the US and UK but their nationality is Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian even Egyptian.

There have been several cases in the UK. It is easy once they have their papers. Ladies, when you have random foreign younger guys old enough to be your son or similar contact you on social media and pestering you for contact, be cautious.

The odds are bad. Red flag right there. I have travelled quite a bit and I can appreciate that there are inevitable cultural differences between the West and East in general, which is, why I would never marry a muslim man from an Arab country, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, Afghanistan etc. I just dont have the time or energy to accommodate unnecessary headaches down the line, which may ensue due to cultural gaps or my passport being more attractive than me.

That Time I Dated a Pakistani Guy in University. Hina. Follow However, we ended up having sex in the second month of dating anyway. He justified it by. The girlfriend is suitable for dating and having fun, and the wife is what men move on to when they want to settle down and start a family. Number 1 of the 5 things to know about Pakistani men is to never date one whom you've met online. Never, ever, date one of them who is from.

All Muslim countries have gender inequality and women often find themselves treated unfairly. Honour killings are treated lenient by law, whether you are in Pakistan, Iraq or Jordan. Liberal women are generally seen as negative, rebellious and demanding. Polygamy is practised more commonly in some countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc while it is legal in most if not all muslim countries.

So as a Western Muslim I decided to stick to familiar waters from the start. HOWEVER, I would still want to get to know him, his views on women, gender equality, society, culture, race, sex, religion, family, bringing up children, values etc.

It is possible for a man Pakistani or Palestinian to have been born and raised in the West yet keep an outdated mindset wrt. It gets complicated because many men want to suddenly embrace religion after marriage after having slept around with anything that moves, drinking, etc.

Sexual promiscuity is apparently ok before marriage. For boys only, of course. For girls not so much. Ah the double standards. Even Western Muslims clash with Eastern Muslims. So this crusade against Pakistani men only is unfair and we should instead broaden the caution to all men coming from poor, developing Muslim countries, and men, who generally hail from cultures vastly different than ones own.

Do your homework. Something on the side. Not a companion or wife potential. Thats why Muslims also tend to seal the deal early on rather than years of dating.

I have previous discouraged a non-Muslim friend considering a Muslim guy, because it was clear, he was using her for one thing only and never intended to bring her home. That said I have heard from others that Pakistani men are very loving, romantic and family oriented.

Being naturally curious, I have done some research and was surprised to learn that some countries have great progressive laws for women but are never availed due to culture taking precendence over religion.

In Iran and Pakistan, men who want to take a second wife, must have the written or physical consent of their present wife. Polygamy is widely accepted across the muslim world with very few exceptions. But it is also a taboo in some countries. If you marry somebody, know the difference in how an Islamic marriage and a civil marriage is treated in your own country and in your husbands.

Know how to protect yourself. Get an independent translator and lawyer. Pre-nups really need to be availed more and putting down clauses in your marital contracts sounds like a great idea. I am not in favour of monitoring each others phones, email etc. You need trust and respect. If you feel you need to monitor, then maybe you should consider not marrying that person.

Love is great. It is. But using common sense and knowing your rights is important too. I just feel they should do that on their own and not use women for that purpose.

There are no guarantees in life, ladies. I know two woman married happily to Pakistani men. Both religious. One is a moderate convert.

But those men are born and raised in the West, so perhaps thats why. I also know of a Pakistani girl, who dated a fellow Pakistani for like yrs or so. Both were raised in the West. I have observed a similar trend with Arabs, Turks and Kurds too. Most prefer to marry within their own ethnicity or white preferably converted but often both people must hail from the same village or town back in Palestine and this often is more a parental requirement. Arabs have been rejected by fellow Arabs for being not up to mark, so to speak.

So I guess my advice would be to make sure to protect yourself.

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Use your head. Marriage has to be a practical decision too. A persons body language, eye contact or lack of can reveal a lot too. Stay open but careful. Read the signs. Pay attention to any red flags. Hi Ms. You have to believe your first gut instinct. The most painful part is that: the person whom you loved most is the one who will hurt you most as well.

Your boyfriend might be an engineer coz he is good in planning without executing the plans LOL. You said you have met him online. So why have you trust him that much whereas you have not met him so far? Pakistanis are different from Filipinos. Ana was right, he has shown you his true colors and you need to put the full stop there.

Indirectly he relays the message to you by blocking you on social media and no need of further explanations from his side. Is that typical of what someone does to someone he or she loves?

It sounds to me that either he was lying to you the whole time about his plans for you or he changed his mind once it got closer to becoming a reality. Well, some people act cowardly. When people are ashamed of themselves or want to avoid a confrontation, they seemly drop off the face of the earth, so to speak. They do it so not to have to deal with a situation directly.

Dating in the typical sense of the word is not something that Muslims are supposed to do. Your Beau may already be married or engaged to someone in Pakistan, as well. They traditionally marry their own people and in seeing that you are not Pakistani, it may present a problem for you and him.

There are simply too many strikes against you in dealing with a Pakistani when you are not one yourself. Muslims are supposed to marry Muslims only.

Please check in and give us an update on your situation. Thank you! Jena, it sounds as if you have dodged a bullet. I am sure that you have deep feelings, and may even be in love with this man. If you can find the strength, please stop trying to get in touch with him. It sounds as if he does not want to communicate with you. Once a person shows you who he really is, believe it. Someone who truly cares for another responds to messages and does not block the person. Hi maria, I am a filipina, i have met my pakistani boyfriend thru online who is a businessman in philippines.

We had lots of videocalls. He told me everything abt his background. Im going home in philippines in few days time, we agreed that im staying home for good and be with him but 2 weeks ago. Just today, i found out. Last time he said, he have lots of surprises for me but i dont understand now why he is ignoring me eventhough i have a very long patience, still i need to know why he is doing this kind of way.

Why dont he just tell it straight to my face if he dont want me anymore. Hello there Ms. But i salute them for being strong with whatever circumstances they were right now. Any how, we have been grateful that we came along with this blog. Really it helps a lot. Hats off to all ladies here who survived and still recovering after the big storm came in their lives. Stay strong and more power to you all.

A Hello. A, may Allah bless you and more, as well. The wonderful ladies such as yourself and the gents who write here contribute in making this blog all that it is. You writing in as you did helps tremendously. If no one wrote here, there would be nothing to read other than what I write, which would become monotonous and one-sided LOL.

Last night i received a notification that somebody has posted a new comment here. When i saw your name, was thinking that this might be a new agony of yours again but i was wrong. Instead it was a good news from your side and was happy to hear from you after a while. Great that you have moved on totally. Thank you for keeping us posted here and wishing you all the best.

Ana, this blog has helped a lot of women. May Allah bless you more and thanks for being a big sister for ladies who need advises. Annabelah, yeah I do listened and kept with me all of your advises, all I can say is that Thank you all and may God Allah bless us all. Thanks again I hope you and all hu are giving advises here will continue to save those women that have been get lost and been deceived with.

Hi Maria. I remember you. You are engaged God is Great! You certainly are a bearer of good news. I hope for you the best. I was going through a phase, remember? I still kept my guard up. Again, he apologized. I gave him one last chance and when he told me that he likes me, that was the last straw. I deleted him as a friend and blocked him for good. You need to stay away from those Pakistani guys completely.

You have enough information that should let you know that they mean you no good. Why on earth did you continue to communicate with that guy after he sent you that abominable material-that pornographic disgusting stuff. You must have an inclination for it. What that guy is into tells you much about him. You need to get yourself together. What exactly are you doing and looking for?

Do you even know? Zurina, if Ana has not answered you yet, this is the deal. Ana writes all of the articles that are posted on this site. If she happens to receive a comment that she feels is worthy of being an article, she will put it on as an article. To my knowledge she does not just accept articles from people. This happened to me on Facebook yet again. Anyway, he added me as a friend and then messaged me on Facebook. I got SO mad at him but he apologized.

I can speak from experience as I married one. When we were dating, he always wanted to talk to me, like every time. He knew I always wake up. Well, I worked with a Pakistani man, and I did get a chance to meet both of it's not proper to date an older woman, I worry about your situation. Wanna dating Pakistani men? Follow our advices to be succesfull, make your dating profile and start dating with us!.

He told me that he was in love with a woman from Bangladesh but she left him. So we talked to each other for about three days. Wanna know what he said? I got upset with him, deleted him as a friend, and blocked him for good.

Out of topic: Ana, how can I write an article on this site? Can I write on this site? Do you need to be a member. This happened to me on Facebook last year. I think he added me on Facebook. I have two Facebook accounts. One for my real life friends and family and the other for my online friends. This random Pakistani guy added me on my second account. Anyway, he said that he wanted to marry me so that he can come here to the states.

Oh PUH-lease. He probably found someone else to pursue. Oh well….

Who does he think he is? Is he stupid? Does he think that he can just talk to a stranger online and ask them to marry you? How pathetic! This freaked me out and I blocked him.

He has the same intention as the Pakistani guy I mentioned before him: want to marry me so he can move to America. I never wanted to talk to him ever again. Many women will fall in love with a man as long as he says sweet things or buys them gifts.

Sexual predators do not have to attack women from behind on a dark street on a dark night. All one has to do is get to know the woman and become the man that she wants.

Men who go from woman to woman having sex are sexual predators, even though they are not rapists. They have figured out how to have sex with no commitment and without having to pay any money for it.

May Allah keep us and all of the women in our families safe from the sexual predators. Were you talking about Donald Trump? LOL The description you gave certainly sounded like it. There is a sickness that is widespread in the people and I agree it will take many years to change it, if ever in this lifetime.

I like reading your posts. If this kind of behavior only apply to 1 or to Pakistani man then I will not bring the society and culture up! But yhe fact in the field many many women experienced the same thing and situation, which makes me think, there is something WRONG here. And almost women were killed in the name of honor killing. These facts imply really clear that their society culture is sick!

They said that the women are not a second class in Pakistan but the fact in the field they treat the women like second class! Those are heinous acts. They are blinded to what has been said on these Posts about Pakistani men and their culture.

All they know is that they love a man. They know what they feel and what they want. The women only follow their desire. They have an illness.

He says those who follow their desires will be lead away from the path of Allah. He has sealed their hearts, placed a veil over it. Another good input from you about Pakistani men nature, appreciate that you have emphasized their personality.

If you think that just because the man still wants to see you although he is engaged to be married to another woman that it mean he must love you, you better think again.

A man can have sex with and want to be with a woman without having to be in love with her. Many men do it all the time. Some men lay with hoes whores who will lay with anyone for a good time.

Where do you fit in? Man is superior and woman is inferior in Pakistani culture. It makes Pakistani man became really dominant towards women. Women cry that their problem not him. Pakistani man is always right the women are always wrong! As long as you are his GF, he will mock Pakistani women and tells that you are the best woman in the world. But if you make mistakes and disobey him, then he will bring your shit country and your shit culture up while praising how wonderful his Pakistani mother is.

If you have sex with them he might use you as his mistress-concubine a secret GF. I can say his sex slave in the name of love! And he might end up marry a virgin-innocent-pious Pakistani Muslim woman whom his Pakistani mother has chosen for him. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India were 1 nation.

They share same culture!

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Their culture has similarities. The answer is because he is sick! He is too selfish and too dominant because his society taught him to be like that. You know that the man, whom you are in love with, is engaged to be married to another woman. He intends to marry in January.

You saw the pics of his fiance that he sent to you. He has told you that he will marry the woman. You said he wants you to come to Dubai to help him celebrate his birthday. He wants to do you as in have sex with you with the intention to have a good time with you on his special day. I get it. He thinks you are his sex toy. You were with him that way in the past. Why would you expect him not to be that way with you again in November when he is telling you that he still is that way?

Hi all,Goodmorning. Hi Aseiyah yah that movie is like just a shortcut no detailed plan for the wedding and yeah i know have more to learn about preaparation have to spend long time for it. Anyways, just yesterday he sent me a message, sorry i cant block him up to this time but i am redraining myself to send him messages, just i havent blocked him in my contact, I always keep myself busy not letting my mind to think of him as much as possible i am helping myself now to. So yesterday he messaged me again, he said how are you, this that, and i replied without showing him that i miss him but i ddint showed him i didny also tell him, i just replied we had a very casual talk, then i ask him how are you he said fine, i ask hows his nieces,family, he said all fine, then i ask may i see your niece, i said i just miss your nieces, then he sent me pictures, with a girl, his mom and his niece, then I ask whats this?

Then he just chat chat, and im giving him late replies this yime really i.

IG i said did i follow back?! Really now his totally weird. I dont know. The movie is best on true story but not all scenes in the movie are real. They exaggerating some things to make the film more entertaining.

Kumail leading actor and his white GF finally ended up in marriage, but the process to go there was not easy at all. The girl had compromised a lot! The girl, had to change her name to be Islamic name this is what they told in the media. But it said the Pakistani mother wanted the son Kumail to be married according to Islam and Pakistani culture.

Futhermore, Kumail Nanjiani the Pakistani man never said that he is a Muslim to media, he always said that he was risen as a Muslim by his parents, which makes me assume that actually he is not a Muslim anymore in his heart.

Maybe he just pretends to be a Muslim for his Pakistani parents. He was born, grew up and studied in Pakistan for almost half of his age, his entire life.

And I realize that maybe thats why his mom looked immediately for his fiance back to pakistan after i didnot showed to them to meet is because they really want their son to marry a pakistani and not to have a chance to marry with me anymore.

Because before he even pleased his mom to stop looking for fiance but his mom got angry to him thats what he told me before when i want him back to me when we had a fight. Thanks all for your advises I know sometimes I ddnt follow ur advises but now i am Thankful I still cry yes its part of moving on, but little by little i know i can move on.

Anabella I watched the Big Sick movie really felt its me in the movie but yes it has a happy ending that not happened to me,but I know God has a reason for all. Thanks a lot for saving me and will keep all ur advises?? Did you talk to your Pakistani man sisters? Do you communicate with other his close family members?

Interracial Marriage? Pakistani and Black Couple Q&A (Part 1) -

The chance to get rejected is very huge. The Pakistani parents will not like you straight way in the first encounter. And futhermore, there are many women who came to Pakistan because their BF told them to come and meet Pakistani parents. These girls were so happy and they hoped that they would have a wedding in Pakistan after they met Pakistani parents. The Pakistani parents said straight to their faces that they were not suit to be their daughter in law.

If you pray to God and asking good things in your life, and this happened to you, then maybe this is for the best! So nothing to regret! Most likely came for a holiday and shopping. No offence but you need to have more respect for yourself. If you are willing to embrace their culture and you accepted polygamy then GO.

If he gets a girl thru chat then for sure he can get as many girls thru chats as well. I have experienced that one Maria, step back while you can able to do so.

Goodevening, Yes, the time I wrote here and opened my situation has pushed me not to go back in Dubai at the time his family is there to meet me. The time that he was begging on me to come has ended. I am confused now, and nothing to do but cry, can anyone tell me should i be regretful not going back again to him to marry him or should i be thankful i was saved by this situation.

We have told you earlier, the decision is with you. You chose to continue your relation with your boyfriend and now you are crying here with the same issue. You are just hitting your own leg with what you are doing. All i can say is: regret usually comes in the end not in the beginning. All the best in you. Maria, Yes I do feel that if you and he were married in August he still would have married a woman from Pakistan.

You seem to be just a plaything for him, to play with whenever he feels the need. Please tell me, is this really what will happen do you think if me and him got married last august, do you think his mom will still do arrange marriage for him back to pakistan even were both married.

I feel soo upset and blame myself. Hello Goodevening, This is me again writing here, tonight I can say all chances are nothnig now for me and him, well i guess this is really was supposed to happen.

He was 26, and the girl is Last time I wrote here i thought i can let go of me and him but I cannot so we still continue chatting and even make plans to meet again this novemeber, he even ask me to celebrate his birthday we will meet in TH i said yes i can come because no visa needed for.

Meet Pakistani Men

Which I thought were very much okay but I have an idea that maybe engagement will happen soon, but i didnt thouggt it will be done yeaterday. Just this morning, i did the usual routine, but he seems so cold and busy,i know in his actions somethings not right, then this afternoon, maybe he waited for me to come home so that i will not cry in office, he confirmed his engaged last night. All of me was totally broke to hear, but weeks before i m.

Now please tell me is this really what Allah wants to happen, maybe his plan for me and him, im just thinking he saved me from the wrong man. Thank you all for giving me advises, really appreciate, 6mons relationship that has ended this like were both strangers from each other. Please see the email that I sent you and confirm receipt of it. Thank you for inquiring. Am currently staying in Dubai, is there any book store over here where i can buy the book?

Furthermore, there is no excuse for a man to fornicate or commit adultery when Allah allows them four wives. They just want to get the goodies without responsibility to the women.

Allah says it. There is one person who calls them out for what they are. The way she writes cracks me up. There must be four witnesses to the act, and flogging is the punishment. MsA I pray that you will continue to be strong and not return to the Pakistani man you were involved with. A word to everyone. Women are bitches, whores and sluts, sometimes even if they have sex with one man outside of marriage. Men are players, Casanovas,Romeos, and lovers, regardless of how many women they have sex with outside of marriage.

In my opinion they are the same, all sluts, all whores. It is interesting that the dictionary definition of a whore only refers to women who are promiscuous with sexual intercourse. They both decided to commit the act, they both have committed the sin. May Allah keep us all away from zina. I mean in general, Pakistani gents used to flirt with the ladies regardless they are single or married.

With regards to the evidences, I have few evidences with me but those were the sensitive one.

Pakistani man to man dating

I have taken shots of the conversation with the other girls not only 1, 2, 3, 4 but many. He used to ditch the girls and leave them in pain. As far as i know, only Skype app his wife is having. He knows how to handle me when i have tantrums and mood swings. He used to bluff me and winning back my trust by not chatting with the bitches, whores and sluts in a week. He deletes the apps he is using and after that he will download again those apps and get back to his normal chatting routine.

It sucks right? If you do ever contact the wife make sure you have enough evidence such as photographs or screen shots of his activity on social media. Alhumdulillah you are thinking with your head and not your heart and thatbhas helped you move forward.

I strongly agree with Ms. Ana, Serena and Ummof4. If you are still in contact with your man and you are coming here in Dubai, there is no doubt that you will meet each other coz the fire love is still there and up to this moment you are longing for him though. Maria, you are just torturing yourself more. He is just making dramas in order for him to get your trust back. How much time i took for moving on? The time when i was doing my own research about my man in the month of April and Mayi have kept my distance with him and trying to give him less love, less understanding and less communication.

Imagine we are in a relationship for 1 year yet am not aware that he is married and having a kid as well. Even at this very moment he has a lot of flings and his only goal is to bring them to bed and leave them. I feel pity to his wife of what her husband is doing here. Any how, you need to keep your eyes wide with the reality what he does is merely bluffing you. Save yourself. So better close this chapter of your life. Bhabhi is sister in law. Sometimes a male cousins wife is also referred to as Bhabhi.

You said your family and no one hears you. There is no you and he getting married, riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after. Your family and others realize they are not reaching you with their words. It is to hook up with that man again. Where is your pride? Where is your self-respect? He met a woman, got engaged and now broke the engagement all in a matter of weeks, and his dad who was just there in Dubai up and died. SMH Who knows fact from fiction when it comes to that man?

No one here can make you see. No one here can prevent your fate, whatever it is. I agree with Ana, Ms.

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