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Discussion in ' Jane Doe Alley ' started by incogneato , Sep 18, Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Any experience with dating gang members? Sep 18, 1.

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm that "dumb down ass chick" people talk shi. I don't care!

Im dating a gang member

My man's been down for me when I was going through shi. So does anyone here have any experience with dating them? Do gang members keep a lot of hoes around? Will it change him as a person? Is it worth it? Any other tips or stories you'd like to share? Background stats: -We're both college age undergrad -Been together a year and a half -So far he's been a great boyfriend, faithful, attentive, helpful, supportive, loyal -He's not THAT much of a "street" dude, but he definetly has "hood streak" to him -He has his shi.

Sep 18, 2.

One ex-gang member describes how her life was taken over by a boyfriend, Young people think, 'If I'm in a gang no one can touch me because I'll the girl who's not anyone's girlfriend, however she fucks with every boy. But if this effects ME, US, or HIM (more than what's expected) I'm not down with it. I love him Do gang members keep a lot of hoes around?. I just started dating a VP of a gang and I know thei I'm not going to lie, living the high life like that was fun and exciting for a while but over.

Thanks x 4. Sep 18, 3. Drink 40's together, wear matching Carhartt suits, and matching bandannas. Sep 18, 4. If you are cool with getting possibly murdered for being his down ass chick, then do you boo. Thanks x 13 LOL! Sep 18, 5. I dated a guy who was an ex Crip.

He was working a great job and had gotten a degree. I didn't have any issues because he had left Compton and was no longer associating with gang members or that lifestyle. He grew up and realized there was no future in that mess and got his ish right.

Unfortunately, your dude hasn't reached that point yet. Your life could be in danger if you continue to associate with him. He's headed nowhere. You might need to reconsider this relationship. Thanks x 4 LOL! Sep 18, 6.

Bw stay lovin thugs lol no wonder why yall are baby mommas.

Sep 18, 7. You know how many women are sitting in jail and prison because they got caught up in some mess their boyfriend was involved in? It only takes one phone call under the right circumstances to catch a conspiracy charge.

Stories of gang members destroying each other with bullets are easier to tell than the stories of young women who are dating these young men. Adolescent gang members often show the highest rates of HRSB, substance Keywords: Gangs, Substance Use, Sexual Risk, Dating Violence, .. Male Participant: Like when I'm drunk it's like make your hormones, but to. Many teenage girls are attracted to what society calls a “bad boy,” finding this image and lifestyle exciting. This attraction can sometimes lead to.

Being in a gang should be a dealbreaker. I mean wtf, did you parents install any values in you? Sep 18, 8. You need a new boyfriend.

Thanks x 5. Sep 18, 9. Thanks x 3. Sep 18, Check Amazon There may be a Kindle manual on how to be a gangsta bish Lol, sorry, couldn't resist What do you mean by college age? LOL Well it don't really matter Drop him move on and get with a MAN. Gangs in ?

Women in love with gangsters

I thought they squashed that already! Anyway just don't look to join his gang. Or else you'd be "gang banged" in! Hell I dunno! Whatever makes you happy girl. Thanks x 1. Sweetie you need to run the other way. Very few gang members make it out unscathed.

I do find it strange that your dude waited until he went to college to actually 'join the gang'. Most gangsters join at a very young age - when they're most impressionable and vulnerable. I personally know 3 women who ended up dead by being involved in that gang lifestyle - either by affiliation or actual involvement. It's a lose-lose situation. They only date six figure ninjas with degrees, CEO of three different companies, and drive Ranger Rovers and Benz's at the same damn time.

Dudes joining gangs in is still whats hot in the streets? No, not really. I mean I "dated" this guy in the 3rd grade and he was part of a gang. He had one regular eye and another one that was always open and popping out of his skull. Most of the time. Being the rebel and the romantic, Rosa is the one to break the rules to help out her boyfriend.

He wanted to know which guy from the rival gang was responsible. Rosa knew. So she drove him down the street, right past the home of the rival gang member who was responsible for the shoot-out. Most women who date gangsters do not see other men.

But those who do say jealousy and possessiveness dictate that the gangsters never learn about the indiscretion. Rosa does it by never telling a boyfriend where she lives. Unusual in that she is mobile, with her own car, she dates gang members in different county cities.

And she never lets any of them too close to her own life. I always call them, " she says. She now laughs at his demands for her not to wear her trademark dark lipstick and not to dress in miniskirts, in fear that other guys would go after her.

They say they like being with someone who always wants them within eyesight. They are moved by the crazy, romantic passion of a gangster who would literally kill for his woman. They proudly exchange stories of jealous boyfriends and ones who slap them around, just as their gangsters tell tales of fighting a rival gang or fending off the police. But while they half-seriously, half-jokingly complain about their gangsters, most would not have it any other way.

I was an MS-13 gang member. Here's how I got out. - Gerardo Lopez - TEDxMileHigh

She unhesitatingly says that she will always date gangsters. They say they like being at the hub of gang life. They like knowing what is going on in different gangs and being welcome at the houses where gang members congregate.

Most say they would not feel safe in some neighborhoods if they were not hanging out with or dating a gangster. Most of them are looking for cocaine, and when they figure out which guy has it, they flirt with him until they get it. Guys want information or sex, and girls want a line of coke. In fact, many of the Latinas interviewed stare blankly when asked what type of contraceptives they use, and most laugh at the idea of their boyfriends using a condom.

However, most of the girls who date gang members do not use contraceptives and have no idea what safe sex is about, says Estela Martinez, director of education at Planned Parenthood in Santa Ana, which covers Orange and San Bernardino counties. Because they often ditch classes or simply never go to school, many of the women who date gangsters do not receive adequate sex education, she says. Most of the young women say their pregnant friends tend to keep their babies.

Because most Latinas come from Roman Catholic homes, they say abortion is rare. Also, most of the women do not have the money to pay for an abortion. And, they say, most of the men will not help. Having a pregnant girlfriend has its benefits for a gangster.

Fathering children by different women is something of a status symbol among some of the more irresponsible men. But more than status, the responsibility of a pregnant girlfriend or wife is a legitimate way for members to ease out of active gang participation.

Colleene Hodges, supervisor of the gang-suppression unit for the county Probation Department, says a gangster can tell his homeboys that his girlfriend wants him at home more often.

Or he can say he needs to spend more time with his children. But the members respect that. They leave him alone. Hodges adds that many gangsters see their girlfriend as the only person in their life who can help them.

When they find a woman who plays a rescuer role, she says, they do what they can to keep her--even if that means purposely getting her pregnant. For most of the women who date gang members, marriage is the end goal. Many do not have high school diplomas and most do not work.

Gangsters they hang out with--whether a current boyfriend, a former boyfriend or just a gangster she is dating--financially provide for them, although most of the women are too proud to admit to their dependence on boyfriends. Younger women say they save their lunch money to afford weekend nights out. But older ones do not think they can ask their parents for spending money, especially because many--such as Monique and Rosa--live in single-parent households where money is tight.

Middle-class girlfriends are highly prized by violent gang members because they can stash weapons, drugs and cash under the police radar. is it like dating a gang member Melted my bf bc he had changed Topics Gangs Im Afraid that was responsible rosa does it might not until eventually youre in. Was the gang mostly into drug dealing or were there other crimes like gun dealing, being hitmen, etc. I'm assuming the boyfriend got involved.

Marriage offers the perfect transition into adulthood and the perfect solution to surviving in life.

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