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Hook Up Song - Student Of The Year 2 - Tiger Shroff & Alia - Vishal and Shekhar -Neha Kakkar-Kumaar

She knew Freddie was trouble but didn't have much interaction with her and the two did interact well, with Evie conversing with her about how to smize smiling with eyes and about how to live in Aurodan in episode 9 and trying to give her a makeover in episode 14 though Freddie declined. He fell in love with her at first sight despite knowing she was a VK and the daughter of the evil queen. She seemed to notice and enjoyed the attention but didn't reciprocate at first.

He tried to warn her about Chad but failed and even stalked her on the first day in order to ask her to sit with him during Ben's coronation, inadvertently giving her information about the wand's location. Later, when Chad nearly had Evie expelled by giving the teacher the mirror Evie cheated with, Doug defended her and prevented her from being expelled. Evie happily showed her B to Doug and even agreed to study with him sometime, possibly beginning to reciprocate his feelings as he helped her with her matter with Chad.


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